Top 5 Resume Builders Apps With Paid and Free Versions In 2022 Online


Top 5 Resume Builders Apps With Paid and Free Versions In 2022 Online

Resume building is the first step towards a successful career because knowing about yourself and expressing it professionally on paper takes effort. But in the present scenario, you do not have to do it all by yourself. There are apps available to create a resume for you. You can also take help from resume builders in the USA so that you can build your resume under the guidance of a market expert. These experts can help you understand what is the best way to represent your skills and where you can work more. In the same way, these resume-building apps help you with resume layouts and also what sections should be created. So, without any build-up start discussing these amazing CV-building apps. Here we go.

Best Resume Builders in 2022

Resume Genius- Best Resume building app

This app provides ATS-friendly templates for resume building. The resumes are parsable so the file will get crashed in the interviewer’s system. The layout of the templates is very consistent even for cover letters abs by consistency we mean visibility of the content and highlights of the resume. You can even make it more visible by adding knowledge gained by market experts and professional resume builders in USA.

The app provides a trial for 14-days for 2.90$ and hen plan will automatically shift to 23.90$ per month. Also, you can select a monthly plan of 6.40$ which means a yearly 76.80$.


  • Both Word and PDF formats are available

  • Unlimited downloads in both plans

  • You can get a refund after a 14-day trial if not satisfied

  • From easy job ads to AI-generated content

  • Building of integrated cover-letter


  • You can add references on request that is outdated. 

ResumeNow- One of the best platforms to create resume

If you are looking for a fast-paced platform for resume building then ResumeNow is for you. This platform has an incredible UI and this is why you go through a series of questions on a wizard screen. These short questions are a way of collecting information about your then it automatically fits this information in chosen template. This app also provides you with pre-written templates so you can edit them if you want and get professional printouts.


  • Limited access for 14 days in 2.45$ and renewal for 4 weeks 23.85$

  • Complete access for 14 days 2.85$ and renewal for 4 weeks 23.85$

  • The monthly subscription is 10.45$, but if you will pay for the whole year, then you can save up to 60% at 125.40$


  • Easy formatting

  • Mobile app is available

  • Variety of download formats

  • On-point design

  • Smart template suggestions based on industry and field

  • Customization is available


  • You can not access the platform or check the resume without a subscription

  • For every ext email, print, and download you need to pay an extra 0.50$

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ResumeNerd- Great CV builder

This app is a step-by-step guide for resume building because the wizard screen is going to take you through some questions to know your personality and also suggest what can be bettered through the process. This CV builder helps you enhance your CV through some expert tips while writing. This platform also provides you with some pre-written resumes so you can edit them accordingly.


  • 14 days trial is at 2.90€ and auto-renewal for 4 weeks 23.90€

  • The monthly subscription is 6.41€, which means a yearly 76.90€


  • You can skip the tips if you want

  • Pre-written content

  • The multi-format download is available including HTML

  • You can check your resume


  • You cannot build a cover letter because it is a premium feature.  

LiveCareer- One of the best resume builders

If you are looking for a platform that is the best in terms of features and recognition then LiveCareer is the platform for you. This is because it has recently won Sitejabber's 2020 Customer Choice Award. Also, this platform can provide you with around 25 templates that are approved and created by masterminds, and geniuses. 

This app is an allrounder because you can not only create a resume but also a cover letter and even find jobs from famous job sites. On the bonus, you can also find job scores by matching your resume with a popular job as posted there. It is indeed cool.


  • 14 days trial is at 2.95$ and auto-renewal for a month 23.95$ but you have to pay 0.45$ for each new download, print, and email.

  • The monthly subscription is 5.95$, which means a yearly 71.40$ (Because you can save some money on a yearly subscription).


  • Pro tips in comment boxes

  • Fantastic templates

  • Clear and instant preview

  • You can check spelling errors through the spellchecker

  • Money can get refunded in 14 days after buying the subscription


  • If you change the template then preview choices will get affected.

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ResumeLab- Resume builders in the USA

This platform can give you over 20 templates for making your resume cut above the rest. Also, the AI-driven strength of the resume not only prepares a unique and potential resume but also makes it different from your competitors. 

You can select colors, icons, and alignment of your resume which is a real deal so that your uniqueness can be reflected in the resume.


  • 14 days trial is at 2.70$ and auto-renewal for a month 24.70$.

  • The yearly subscription is 71.40$.


  • 20+ templates

  • Modification options are advanced 

  • Unlimited PDF downloads

  • You can check your resume score with an AI-based scoring system.


  • If you want to download MS word resume templates then this platform will not allow it.

Our Best Pick

From the list above our best pick is LiveCareer because it has all-rounder features for resume building. Also, this platform can help you enhance your skills by matching your job score with several job profiles.

One more app that can be suggested as a bonus which has fantastic templates and features is Zety. If you need something more than resume builders then try this platform. 

Summing Up

At the end of this blog, we can summarize that so many platforms that can enhance your CV and make you ready to take a step into the professional world so that you can get the best opportunities possible. You can get to about more such platforms from Virtuous Reviews. They have a listing of the best resume builders in USA apart from these 5. So, please check out. Also, do you know that the education system faces some challenges? Know here.

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