Top 10 Ambulance  Services: Ratings  and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with top 10 Ambulance Services list all over the world. It offers even private medical transportation for emergency services to take better care of you. It also provides air ambulance locally as well as globally at affordable costs.

Ambulance Services holds a very special importance in saving the priceless life of human kind. In certain life situations, we require immediate medical care and even a little delay can lead to the loss of life. In such conditions, Ambulance Services plays a very important role in saving many lives in the society. Ambulance Services runs on an emergency basis and operate from various Ambulance Services stations situated in different locations.  Within fraction of minutes, Ambulance Services is supposed to reach the emergency scene and take the patient immediately to the hospital.

But sometime in the situation of crisis, there is a possibility that the government emergency number for Ambulance Services might not work and you have to look for other private services options. Keeping that in mind Virtuous Reviews have included the information of these private service providers for emergency. They can turn out to be very helpful in need.

These emergency service Ambulance Services comes with a crew which include a technician and a paramedic. They help to stabilize and treat the patient in order to prevent any mishap before reaching the hospital. Proper lifesaving care and clinical working environment is provided in these Ambulance Services. They are equipped with all the essential basic emergency machines like ECG monitors, ventilators, medication and stretchers to facilitate the patient. These Ambulance Services are not only helpful during emergency but also provide great aid while transferring a patient to another hospital quickly.

How does it works?

When an emergency is reported, the one who takes the call gathers all the needed information and send out proper services.

  • Basic information consists of - Where the call is to be found from? Such as which district / city / town / exact location / landmark etc.
  • The kind of emergency. Number of people ill-treated and the condition of the patient. The name and contact number of caller for location guidance.

Emergency help dispatched and expected to arrive at the site of the emergency in 18 minutes.

Pre-hospital care will be treated to patients being transported to the nearest hospital.

These services are generally free to patients.


  • Emergency transport to a hospital
  • Transfer from one hospital to another which is having more ability of providing the required care as ordered by a physician
  • Transfers from an emergency room to another hospital which is more capable of providing the required care
  • Transfers between a hospital for outpatient therapy or diagnostic services prescribed by a physician


  • 24x7 Service - These Ambulance Services is 24x7 services, which everyone can avail by single click during the case of any emergency.
  • Coordinated Care - Knowledgeable medically trained people which can give drugs and medical equipment to you rapidly. These people and the equipment can become stable a medical condition and start the work of saving a life.