Top10 Blood Banks: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 Blood Banks all over the world. It offers blood donation and accepts the request for umbilical cord blood from patients and from hospitals. These plasma donation centers provides various services like blood grouping, cross matching, blood storage and many more at best cost.

Blood Bank is an essential unit of the hospital as the deficiency of blood in the country have always remain a big question in our society. Blood acts like a lifesaving liquid for those who are in need. Blood banks in the country have come a long way in filling this gap and improving the awareness and importance of voluntary blood donations. Nowadays, blood donation camps are being organised in almost every other college and university in order to collect and store the precious blood to help the needy. Once an individual clears all the health tests, he could donate blood as per the advice of the doctor.

Donating blood in the most gallant act one can choose to go for as it saves life. All the other things can be bought with the force of money but this thing comes only out of feelings. Many people are coming forth voluntarily for donation these days but are mostly confused in selecting the right place for this noble cause. Virtuous Reviews provide you with a comprehensive list of all the trusted blood bank names which can help in fulfilling this moral reason.

Also during emergency there are a lot of chances that you face shortage of a particular type of blood group. For such a situation of emergency, Virtuous Reviews can act like a lifesaving hack for you by providing the contact information of almost all the desired name of blood banks which might help you to save the life of your loved one.

How to use Blood Bank services?

  • After viewing all the blood bank reviews, you will find yourself wanting to know a little more detail.
  • What kind of collection process do they utilize? How is the cord blood is being shipped?
  • Where are the banks laboratories are situated?
  • And a lot more. To acquire more detailed information, you can ask for the information from the blood banks in which you are interested.
  • They are entirely free, and an enormous way to check all the information of each cord blood company.


  • The blood bank pursue very severe and stern internal quality control system under the direction of highly qualified and experienced Consultant
  • The blood group can be cross-checked to keep away from errors
  • Each unit of blood is screened  for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV viruses and Syphilis


  • Instantly available and can reduce disease progression in early management
  • Lowering the risk of complications when used in transplants as the required blood will get available as and when required
  • Better than using an unrelated donors blood and improved medical outcomes.
  • Blood donation helps in lowering the risk of cancer because when new blood started to flow, it brings improved and healthy unit.