Top 10 Chemists: Ratings and Reviews

Virtual Reviews provides the list of top 10 chemists all around the world. These medical stores provides all kind of medicines with discounts at cheap rates, only to protect your health.

Chemists might not be considered as an important profession in the past. But with the changing lifestyle, diseases are also wide spreading in common. We are living in an era where at least few medicines for different problems are consumed by every second person. With such conditions, it is very important for all of us to have a chemist store situated in the nearby area. But many times it become very difficult to find good chemist store who keeps everything you need in a pharmacy. For such instances, Virtuous Reviews has evolved to keep proper care for all your medical requirements.

We provide you with a list of information about all the trusted chemists store in your desired location. For your convenience, we further provide you with the contact information about these chemists store. These days in the modern chemists shop, you can get anything you need right from the medications to the latest products in beauty care. We also provide you the information about the timings of these stores so that you can make your move accordingly. We have designed our website in order to provide you a strenuous experience.

With the help of Virtuous Reviews you can save yourself from all the trouble which otherwise can happen.  We have taken special care for your safety by listing only genuine registered chemists. You can easily figure out if your prescribed chemist is reputed or not by looking into this list. This guarantees that the customers will get their products from a trustworthy and reliable website.

What does chemists do?

All chemists work with easy forms of matter to make a greater understanding of the chemical itself, expose the elements of unknown substances or create completely new chemical compounds for use in a range of applications.


  • Interpersonal ability - These chemists have excellent interpersonal skills, since they deal with doctors, patients, and other staff on a regular basis.
  • Meticulousness - They pay close consideration to details and are aware of everything they do on the work and understand that each aspect can critically affect patient's health.
  • Counseling Skills - Capability to advice patients on how their prescribed drugs will work and what to take while having them.


  • For many patients, it is probably easier to seek advice from a chemist than with a physician.
  • Reminds patient of the significance and time of each medication so that patient will not forget and take prescription as suggested by physician or doctor.