Top 10 Pharmacists: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of world’s best top 10 pharmacists, which offers a wide range of help by giving you the complete information on their websites about technician exams, certification, licensure, education courses and training at various organisations. These are the best drug stores globally which aims to protect your health.

Pharmacists do much more than just counting pills and fill bottles. Their job progressively evolving with time to deal further with doctors and patients to decide the most suitable drug treatments. They prepare medications as demanded by doctors and sell them to customers. Pharmacists regularly multitask and deal with overwhelming actions. This needs a great patience level to deal patiently under pressure with customers. In many cases, they discuss prescription options with medicinal providers and guide patients on correct usage. They are the doctor of pharmacy with a state license to work in the field. But do all pharmacists possess these qualities.

Virtuous Reviews helps you to find a list of many pharmacists that meet these important safety standards to protect your health. You can easily find a great pharmacists in your desired location using the facility provided by us. You can be assure about the quality and loyalty associated with the listed pharmacies and can even check various patient reviews about them.

Virtuous Reviews only consider those pharmacists who pays close attention to detail and is conscious of everything they do on the job. They know that every piece of their work can extremely affect a patient's well-being. They are able to advice patients on how their given drugs work and what to believe while taking them. They act as mentors to the public on how medications support the body.

How you should choose Pharmacist?


One of the most significant factors to think about when choosing a pharmacy is availability. This consists of two aspects.

  • Location - make sure that the pharmacy is close to your home or work. When you’re ill you don’t want to have to walk across city to get your medications.
  • Pharmacy hours - make sure that the pharmacy has well-brought-up hours of operation. You don’t want a 24 hour pharmacy, although you want to make sure that the pharmacy is at least open 8am to 7pm throughout the week

Friendly and Personal Service

You would like a pharmacy that will call your insurance company if in case there is a problem. Also, knowing the name of one of your pharmacists is constantly a good thing. It is good to have someone whom you can ask health questions without going to visit a doctor.


  • Interpersonal ability - These pharmacists have excellent interpersonal skills, since they deal with doctors, patients, and other staff on a regular basis.
  • Meticulousness - These pharmacists pay close consideration to details and are aware of everything they do on the work and understand that each aspect can critically affect patient's health.
  • Counseling Skills - They are able to advice patients on how their prescribed drugs will work and what to take while having them. They help patients on how medications help the body.
  • Interest in ongoing Education - These pharmacists pursue ongoing education opportunities not because it is prerequisite to keep up licensure, but also for the reason that they are involved in new research and developments in the industry.


  • These pharmacists are reasonably priced and accessible health care resource. For many patients, it is perhaps easier to seek advice from a pharmacist than with a physician.
  • Remind patients of the function and significance of each medication in their schedule.
  • They plays an active role in educating patients on possible side effects of their medications plus why it is imperative to take them precisely as prescribed.