Top 10 Podiatrists: Ratings and Reviews

Virtual Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 podiatrists all over the world. It offers medical specialty that addresses foot, ankle and lower leg ailments.  These chiropodist doctors specialize in the treatment of a wide range of bunion problems.

Podiatrists can help you no matter what foot problem you are facing. They are the health care experts whose specializes in the foot, ankle, and the muscles and tendons governing foot function. Our feet often feel hurt considering that an average day of walking exerts a force on the feet that’s equal to several hundred tons. Because of the huge pressure, feet are more prone to injury than any other part of the body. But most of us usually don't look for any medical attention we need for relief. If your feet are killing you, don’t continue to be a doctor yourself and visit a trusted podiatrist to find a proper solution.

Generally referrals from people for your foot doctor are largely based on their personal experience with the physician which can be different in your case. Other than that if you are going with the referral service of a reputed hospital, it will provide you with the names of those doctors who meet a certain criteria you may be seeking, but not totally aiding your problem. Moreover, these referral service cannot vouch for quality of care. But we at Virtuous Reviews vouch for only honesty about various data we serve you. We understand that you and your doctor are a team. And hence accumulated only trusted names of Podiatrists for you. You can search for the nearby Podiatrist according to your convenience.

Also, we suggest you to tell the podiatrist everything about your health and illness. Withholding any information may result in an inaccurate diagnosis or inappropriate treatment. Remember, feet are the most important part of your body and you are helpless without them.

What situations can a podiatrist treat?

The situations that a podiatrist will treat includes bone and joint problems, muscular disorders and neurological or circulatory problems. Some of the common disorders that a podiatrist can diagnose includes:

  • Foot injuries, shin splints and athlete's foot
  • Aching feet and cracked heels
  • Thick and ingrown toenails
  • Fungal problems
  • Children's foot problems


  • It plays a key role in helping patients control diabetes to reduce foot-related problems.
  • They have an essential role to play in protecting and managing foot problems amongst people.


  • If you suffer from diabetes, regular visits to the podiatrist is of great value to your health.
  • These podiatrists offer immediate and round-the-clock access. They often give their personal phone number and email, answering patient questions even after hours.