Top 10 Travel Insurance Providers: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the most specially selected Top 10 Travel Insurance Providers list. Choose among the best travel insurance companies online, from all over the world, which give complete information about best vacation insurance rates and travel protection at low-cost and provide you with the holiday insurance reviews of the best providers.

Planning for a holiday includes deciding the destination, hotel to stay and places to visit. While we take a great care of our travel tickets, do we think a bit about travel insurance? It is of paramount importance but rather a much ignored one. Virtuous reviews values each life and believe in preparing for the unforeseen circumstances. While us pray for the best but request to prepare for the worst.

Many may consider travel insurance as an added luxury but actually it is beyond that. It ensures the coverage of injuries/medical cover to a traveller during the journey or stay; it covers for theft of the luggage, cancellation of trip, delay of trip and harm to the third person or property by accident. The policies and cover differ from one company to another, and it is the responsibility of insurer to shortlist one that meet his requirement. Insurance is a contract made on the basis of good faith, so it is wise not to jump on the first company you come across.

Two key concepts we based our ranking on are-reliability and comprehensive coverage maintaining affordability. While travel insurance helps to prevent dream vacation turning into nightmare, we help you to do that swiftly without any glitches.

How these Travel Insurance Service Providers Assist in a better way?

Travel Medical Assistance:

  • Physician/hospital/dental/vision referrals
  • Return travel arrangements
  • Emergency prescription replacement
  • Arrangements of visitor to bedside of hospitalized insured
  • Eyeglasses and corrective lens replacement assistance
  • Medical payment arrangements
  • Medical equipment rental/replacement

Worldwide Travel Help:

  • Search lost baggage or stolen luggage
  • Lost passport/travel documents assistance
  • ATM locator
  • Emergency cash transfer assistance
  • Urgent message relay to family, friends or business associates
  • Currency Conversion or purchase

Personal Security Assistance - Identity Theft:

  • Help in identifying theft victim by ordering and reviewing credit bureau records on their behalf
  • Check financial accounts where identity theft is suspected
  • Communicate with law enforcement to pursue start investigating criminals
  • View account activity to recognise suspicious activities

LiveTravel Emergency Assistance:

  • Flight rebooking
  • Hotel rebooking
  • Rental vehicle booking
  • Emergency return travel arrangements

Concierge Services:

  • Restaurant referrals and reservations
  • Event Ticketing
  • Wireless device help
  • Latest worldwide weather and ski reports
  • Floral Services


  • Medical expenses - 24 hours cover in case of medical evacuations, ambulances, funeral arrangements and more.
  • Getting you back home - If you want to return back to your home because of a sudden death or severe sickness in the family, that needs a hospital stay, you will be covered to get back to your home.
  • Baggage cover - You’re covered if your baggage are lost or stolen during your trip.


  • Covers your complete health expenses - If in case you need to go to hospital all of a sudden because of any injury or sickness you’re covered for being hospitalized, surgery, and emergency dental treatment
  • You can cover for your travelling companion - If your companion will not be able to continue with your holiday due to any injury or illness,than your travel expenses would be repaid you back by travel insurance.
  • Cover in case of an unfortunate accident - If in case you die within 12 months of your trip due to any injury you had experienced during your trip, a death amount is offered.