Top 10 Online Cab Booking Websites: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with list of  Top 10 Cab Booking Companies which provides you best cab services you can call your yellow cab or green taxi at your doorstep at cheap rates. Taxi services at airport are also available by booking cab facilities online at lowest prices with trustworthy driver.

Online cab bookings has reduced a lot of stress especially for those who travel daily. A comfortable ride that too at cheaper price is a boon for the working class. But this boon is only till when you get to know about the right booking site or app. Many sites have flaws like they do not offer ride to certain areas, some are not available on time, some are too expensive and the list is endless. People are in a search of those vendors who just understand the needs of their customers and give them a cosy ride.

So we at Virtuous reviews after thorough analysis and homework have brought some of the best companies or sites which will offer you the most congenial ride. The apps or the sites listed stand apart from others because they have created policies according to target audience. They offer a wide catalogue of booking methods like mobile app, website and phone call and have also provided multi-mode payment options available to riders including cash payment.

Virtuous reviews is also aware that travelling also occupies a factor of security hence it also looks for those online booking companies who provide the ride details in a written format like the name of the driver, his contact no. vehicle no., colour of the vehicle, source name and the destination name. Your convenience is our priority so go through these options before booking a ride.

How to book a cab?

These cabs provides you the facility to book a cab using phone number, website or app. You just have to login using your login id and password and then enter your location. As soon as you click ride option, you will get an confirmation and details about the cab and driver. You can pay for your trip online as well so that you don’t have to carry cash all the time.


  • These companies provides you with Modern, brand-new, air-conditioned comfortable cabs
  • You will get the ability to track the location of the cab 'real-time' through the GPS technology - provides security in case of an emergency
  • Whenever you book a cab, that amount will be deducted from your account. No need of cash money.


  • You will get the printed receipt for every fare, providing details of distance traveled and total amount payable
  • These companies make the usage of clean green fuel - resulting in a cleaner environment and reduced pollution