Top 10 Puerto Rican Restaurants in USA

Adobo Puerto Rican Cafe

Puerto Rican culture is somewhat complex, - others will call it colorful. Culture is a series of visual manifestations and interactions with the environment that make a region and/or a group of people ... Read more

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(22 reviews)
Señor Juan

Petra, a native from Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, has been serving her famous empanadas and alcapurrias at the annual Puerto Rican and Cuban festival for many years here in Houston. Customers continually re ... Read more

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(20 reviews)
La Lechonera Restaurant

Offers a range of Puerto Rican specialties, the highlights are the pernil (pork shoulder) and lechón asado (roast suckling pig), both cooked over hot coals. The pernil has a “smoky, crisp ... Read more

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Vejigantes Restaurant

Unique in the City of Boston, Vejigantes welcomes you with it’s warm tropical colors that will arouse your curiosity. Our island atmosphere will cheer the soul and our delicious food will deligh ... Read more

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Jibarito's Latin Kitchen

Our restaurant is the vision of Noel Torrado and Rosalia Burgos, who transplanted from their native Puerto Rico to the DFW in 2010. Noel is the creative force behind the island inspired menu and Rosal ... Read more

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La Bomba Restaurant IL

Our chefs specialize in authentic and delicious Puerto Rican food. The staff at La Bomba is devoted to serving customers mouthwatering dishes that feature the highest quality ingredients available. Be ... Read more

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