Top 10 Enterprise Resource Planning Software: Ratings and Reviews

As effective Enterprise Resource Planning systems are coming up hence we are here to provide you with top ERP programs in the world. Each application listed by us is an example of best business planning and implementation.

What is an Enterprise Resource Planning system?

Enterprise Resource Planning (also referred as ERP) software is one of the business management software enabling an organization to use integrated applications to manage and automate various back office functions. This application is developed as an inventory software to handle various important tasks as manufacturing, distribution and service. This application is designed to cater larger businesses and requires a dedicated team to evaluate the saved data. In plain words, Enterprise Resource Planning software automates and integrates crucial processes of business including ordering, scheduling operations, tracking inventory records and confidential data. It is capable of making huge improvements in an enterprise. Most of the IT companies are offering their enterprise resource planning products over the internet, but consumer get confuse which products gives best results? To solve this confusion, Virtuous Reviews is working passionately.

Virtuous Reviews is a free platform that serves the users with detailed information and original reviews about competitive products. Alongside, it allows the users to share their valuable experiences, which helps the professionals to generate independent, fair-minded reviews and ratings for the users. With these independent, and reasonable reviews, the user will be able to generate a unique perception about its selected product.

Why do we need Enterprise Resource Planning system?

  • These softwares provide you real time information for making quick decisions.
  • an ERP system gives you instant visibility into your operations and manages your supply chain.
  • ERP systems automatically process transactions and generate audit trails and financial reports.


  • Financial management - This software tests your financial management module before implementation so that you can assured you have a perfect component for financial reporting and Accounting management.
  • Human resource management - HR system is integrated with the best softwares and deals with the most important people of your business i.e. your employees.
  • CRM - CRM feature deals with your entire customer, leads, and altogether the sale of your business.


  • They are combined with customization and integration facilities.
  • It helps in customer support and quick decision making.