бла бла кар


бла бла кар

бла бла кар one of the most largest ridesharing community in the world to share the longest distance route. Originally, it was founded in the year 2006, бла бла кар helps to connect the driver with the passengers who are willing to share their journey and travel together among cities so that they could share their overall cost of the journey. You’ll be amazed to know that бла бла кар is such a wide community that more than 600 employees are working for it and around 35 million people are member of this community, which has been serving in 22 different countries. 

Members only need to create an online profile on it and then other member gives rating and reviews about the passenger so that, next time, when other person think to travel with, could know exactly about that customer. The customer who has more ratings and fair reviews attracts more ride shares, and usually considered as “brand ambassadors”. 

бла бла кар service is widely available as on web, mobile and also through app for both, iOS as well as Android.

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