Elance to Get the Success by Making an Eye-Catching Proposal for Clients

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Elance allows you to grab the best project for you, but how can you make sure that your client also feels that you are the perfect fit for their project?

Since you are able to impress your potential client with your amazing profile, but when you keep your proposal in front of him, you need to make sure that they find it most appealing one and chose you over others for the project by telling them specifically what you can offer to them.

You had already made your first impression, that’s why client chooses you. However, your proposal is your only chance to solidify your first impression. 

Having the skills to write the effective proposal is one of the best way to prove your skills. But before you write a proposal, make sure that:

  • You had customized your proposal in such a way that it shows your interest in that project.

  • Clearly determine what client wants you to work, before you begin with it.

  • It’s ok to keep it short and simple, but make sure you include all the necessary details.

  • It would be beneficial if you include few of your sample work in your proposal so that client could get a fair idea about your skills elance.

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Increase ODesk Protection By Trust and Safety Programs

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Even though Odesk allows you to work online easily, then also it your first and foremost responsibility to enhance your safety to work online more efficiently. Taking projects from the clients over ODesk is not such a great deal, but taking project by keeping in mind the security factor is a major thing.

In fact, emphasise more on developing innovative ways so that you could get protected from the scams, like malware scanning or even spam protection. 

Although, as the time passes, ODesk will also provide you with few of the additional protection services and make it even more difficult for frauds to cause any kind of harm to your business. But since your security also lies in your hand, you also have to make sure that:

  • You must connect with the trusted clients by checking out its ranking. After all, clients prefer to trust them who already have proven talents.

  • Make sure to take a quick interview before handing over the projects with each other, through chat or call. 

  • Try to increase the security of your account by scanning frequently about the malwares so that you could get rid of the fraudulent.

Well, these could help you to a great extent to enhance your experience and achieving success on the platform.


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Upwork Helped One To Get Noticed By Clients With Amazing Profile

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New at Upwork? Doesn’t matter!

The process of grabbing the attention of the client is still the same. You just need to make such an impressive profile which will help you to sell your amazing skills to the potential buyers. Since most of the clients out there are private, you need to make your profile in such a way that it attract your client, because that is the only way to let your client know about your work. In much simpler words, you have to efforts really hard to sell your profile to the buyers so that you don’t have to miss any opportunity which could act as a boon for your future.

See how you can make your upwork profile to stand out of crowd differently from that of your competitors.

  • Try to include those words or phrases, which you think potential clients will look into while searching for you.

  • Don’t mention all the things about you, instead, tell them that how could you help them in a better way.

  • Do not forget to update your profile frequently. You could also give the test whenever you learn a new skills.

  • It is good to include a professional profile photo but it give even more great impact when you upload your introductory video in your profile.

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Amazon seller central is entirely different from that of Vendor Central! Know how?

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Amazon seller central is actually a great opportunity for all kind of people those who wishes to sell any kind of products online. In fact, any of the person could begin their business, even by selling books out there. Amazon seller central is basically a platform which allows every new merchant to start selling their products successfully online. On the other hand, there is a Vendor seller central, which allows any of the merchant to be able to contact to the Amazon so that they could send directly to them online.

In other words, vendor seller central is a special kind of service offered by amazon seller central, which is just an “Invite only”.  Once you become its part successfully, you can easily sold any of your product from Amazon.com. In this system, you are selling it directly to the Amazon in bulk and have zero control over the price. That means, you don’t have to purchase in bulk to sell it on Amazon. 

While in amazon seller central  anyone could sell over there with a quick payment feature.this means, if you are a part of amazon seller central, you have full control over the inventory along with the price as well as inventory shipping.

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Transcription jobs: Ideal job for you, if you want to work from home… Work from Anywhere!

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Transcription jobs is the perfect match for your need, if you are looking for a job, which could allow you to work from home.  These jobs offers variety of opportunities for hardworking as well as detailed oriented people.  We’ve the best reasons why people from all over the world love to do a transcription jobs. Let’s take a look on all of them:

  • Most of the transcription jobs provides their customers with a great pay scale with a guarantee of frequent payouts.

  • It offers you the flexibility of work, in the sense, that work how much you want to work, and in whatever way! All you need is just a good Internet connection to get your job done in an efficient manner.

  • You don’t have to commute to carry out your job. This is one of the best feature of transcription jobs. This also helps you to enhance your time as well as energy, since you can save it by staying there at your place with all your convenience.

  • It allows you to have a huge career advancement. Since promotions are not made only for the internal employees only, in fact people get the best opportunity to prove their skills efficiently, they are more likely to be rewarded frequently.

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c# vs c++ which to choose for better programming?

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c# vs c++ one of the most confusing question. Since both of them belongs to the same family- family of C. well, each programming language has its own set of strength, but yet, it completely depends on the need of programmer, which to choose to get the desired output, and which programming language suits best for which need.

C# is an entirely concept from that of C++, as C++ is designed as a general object oriented programming language, with both, high level as well as middle level programming capabilities. C++ offers a great abilities, when you want to work for data abstraction in the generic programming for your project.

While on the other hand, C# is specifically designed to work only with the .Net framework, and has been used especially in the modern environment of Windows as well as mouse controlled UI, networks or the Internet.

The most basic difference that lies in c# vs c++ is only that c++ is designed to perform for low level programming, while C# has been used where programmer needs to do the high level programing so that he or she can focused completely on the memory management. 

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Don’t translate spanish to english, because these spanish words has no english equivalents!

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Translate spanish to english is ok, but what will you do when you found few of the spanish words which even don’t have any english equivalent. Let’s take a look on those words:

  • Encanter- this word most spanish people use, when they want to show that they extremely like something and wishes to show charm as well as love.

  • Anteayer- this is the word which means the day before yesterday.

  • Trasnochar- Well, this simply means to stay up whole night, and of course you’ll should learn it if you are a youth, because it is truly of your use for every day. 

  • Friolento- people generally use this word when they want to show that they are feeling too much sensitive due to the cold. 

  • Tuerto- this word is generally used when you want to see something with one eye.

  • Estadounidense- this is among one of the most common word in Spain, because, people out there use this word so much whenever they see something or someone from the United State.

  • Botellón- this word is used, when a group of people of usually around the age group of 20 to 25 years are drinking liquor, and that too in an open area!

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Sony vegas- the best video editing software program

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Sony Vegas is well known as a powerful video editing program that is easy to use and learn. Earlier it was an audio only app used for multi tracking. But then, Vegas features real-time multitrack video and audio editing on unlimited tracks, resolution-independent video sequencing, complex effects and compositing tools. It can operate on almost any version of Windows across a broad range of hardware. Vegas provides a huge tool set in motion graphics and compositing that includes 3D track motion compositing with control over z-depth, and spatial arrangement of visual planes.

Sony vegas pro supports everything that a professional video editor requires and allows you to import media from multiple devices, use a wide range of filters and special effects, and use specific tools to work with text layers and subtitles. It also let you easily optimize the image quality of your content with various tools. Sony Creative Software released many version of Vegas pro 8.0, Vegas pro 9.0, Vegas pro 10, Vegas pro 11, Vegas pro 12, Vegas pro 13. On 24 May 2016, Sony sold Vegas (and most of the software from Sony Creative Software) to MAGIX. Vegas pro 14 was released by MAGIX on 20th September 2016. The version released the various advanced features that help professionals to easily edit videos.

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Tips for teaching English to French speakers

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If you are thinking of teaching English to French speakers, here are some tips to help you out.  Despite the great similarities between the English and French, it is difficult for many French speakers to speak English properly. However, the following tips will help you -

  • Focus on the similarities between the English and French

From a linguistic perspective, languages are closely related. For instance, both languages follows the same pattern that is subject-verb-object. Both belong to the same family of Romance languages which means they have many similarities between them.

  • Help them develop targeted vocabulary books

Make sure the students write the learned words along with its sample sentence so that they can understand the usage of words and ensure that they use them as often as possible.

Also, ensure that three to four pages in their targeted book are set aside for the words that similar in both the languages.

  • Encourage the French speaker to listen

Listening English words will help in improving the pronunciation and also they will be able to understand that in which context the word is used. Make sure the french students have lots of listening exercises to get a command over English pronunciation.

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Top 4 German to English dictionaries available on The Web

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There are plenty of German-to-English dictionaries available on Internet but not all are good. So here is the list of best German to English dictionaries that will help you the most than the rest present out there.


Linguee is the amazing German-to-English dictionary for the new learners. It provides the real life example of words in their right context and also all the possible translations of the word and its German gender. It also has its app for both Android and iPhone users.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a far from perfect and serves as a great online translation dictionary, software or app.  It’s a great app for the language learners. The app enables you to write the word or even speak it out aloud and provides the translation instantly.


For those who are looking for simple and reliable tool Dict. Cc is another good option that also allows you to use it even without Internet connection.  The popularity of Dict. cc is growing rapidly.


It is the popular tool in Germany to translate English words. It also has forum where highly knowledgeable people helps you translate the idioms or sentences you are facing problem in. on this site, you can also check your pronunciation and have other necessary features to ensure you learning the language accurately.

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