Privacy Policy

Why do we collect information?

In order to facilitate our users for the best companies according to their desired needs and also to keep them up to date for the best service providers of every domain, we may take information from variety of sources. We may take information from your website directly and may be we collect data about you from the other sources.

What information we collect?

  • Company’s Names

  • Company’s URLs

  • Company’s physical addresses

  • Company’s email addresses

  • Company’s telephone numbers

Other Crucial Information that We Collect-

In order to tell more about your services to our customers and to keep the quality of reviews more transparent with them, we may take your businesses’ Information (e.g. Annual turnover, number of employees, revenues, LinkedIn page url, Google+ page url,  Facebook page url, Twitter page url, number of clients served, pricing, years of experiences etc.)

Do we share this data to any third party?

No, we don’t share any of your confidential information regarding your businesses to any third party. In order, to release press release and content marketing for your company, we may use your company name and other relevant information.

How secure is our site?

We are concerned with the security of your personal business information. In order to secure the transactions phenomenon & transfer of information on our website, we may use Secured Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. We strive hard to protect your all information, but we cannot guarantee for the absolute security because Unfortunately, no provisions for the data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be absolutely secure.

What information is kept private?

We take care of your confidential information on our website, which are illustrated below:

  • Payment information that you provide to us. (We have the provision for a highly secure third-party to manage your payments)

  • Your website credentials

  • Your IP address.

  • Your communications with us.

We own the rights to lift the veil of personal business information, in case we are enforced by the law or to protect the contractual legal rights of Virtuous Reviews and also to safeguard against any probable fraud or abuse.