How do we review

We work hard and follow a strict rigorous process to examine each & every company of different line of services on the basis of many reviewing parameters like quality of services, years of experience, client’s feedback, pricing and many other relevant grounds. We at Virtuous Reviews LLP strives to deliver our users, information about the best operating companies and their entities globally after our quality of market research & analysis work. Also, for this our researcher & analysts follow up with the public, employees and customers about the quality of services provided by the particular company. We also send our analysts in the entities of those companies who apply for reviewing with us, for inspecting the quality of activities performed there. Companies have to go through a rigorous process of reviewing before we list them on our portal.  We at Virtuous Reviews LLP have developed an algorithm and application which rates, scans and reviews the top businesses based on several qualitative and quantitative features and points. With the exception of some outstanding vendors which are exempted from paying monthly fees, positions on Virtuous Reviews LLP lists is allowed to vendors which have applied themselves for the fee based reviews. These fees are required in order to keep our platforms flowing, enabling us to keep our research and reviewing work on and available for the businesses in the area.

One should note that despite our reviews and research analysis at the Virtuous Reviews LLP should be considered to be strictly subjective opinions. The reviews on our app are provided based on standard research but in order to choose a vendor for your needs, you MUST perform research based on your own due intelligence.

Users of the rankings hereby, acknowledge that they have performed a research based on their own due intelligence in order to reach at well suited decisions of their own.