Спортбокс is basically just a sports portal, which has been simply a part of the holiday match. спортбокс was initially started as an online project channel, which was states only about the leading position between those sport sites which has been visited by the people the most. If talking about its audience for every month, it includes people around 6 million per month. Спортбокс has been positioned itself as the manufacturer specifically for the sports content, and has been cooperates mainly with the sports club as well as federation of the life events.

Since from the first time, спортбокс was principled as an online portal, which includes separate section for various events, such as, one for “news”, other for “results”, “video” “Broadcast” and many more. But now, it combines wide variety of projects related to the sports, like

  1. News site contains the analytics

  2. Video portal allow to access the broadcast 

  3. Sports shows the statistic website.

  4. Blogs

  5. Photo gallery,  and a lot more

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