c# vs c++ which to choose for better programming?


c# vs c++ which to choose for better programming?

c# vs c++ one of the most confusing question. Since both of them belongs to the same family- family of C. well, each programming language has its own set of strength, but yet, it completely depends on the need of programmer, which to choose to get the desired output, and which programming language suits best for which need.

C# is an entirely concept from that of C++, as C++ is designed as a general object oriented programming language, with both, high level as well as middle level programming capabilities. C++ offers a great abilities, when you want to work for data abstraction in the generic programming for your project.

While on the other hand, C# is specifically designed to work only with the .Net framework, and has been used especially in the modern environment of Windows as well as mouse controlled UI, networks or the Internet.

The most basic difference that lies in c# vs c++ is only that c++ is designed to perform for low level programming, while C# has been used where programmer needs to do the high level programing so that he or she can focused completely on the memory management. 

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