Don’t translate spanish to english, because these spanish words has no english equivalents!

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Translate spanish to english is ok, but what will you do when you found few of the spanish words which even don’t have any english equivalent. Let’s take a look on those words:

  • Encanter- this word most spanish people use, when they want to show that they extremely like something and wishes to show charm as well as love.

  • Anteayer- this is the word which means the day before yesterday.

  • Trasnochar- Well, this simply means to stay up whole night, and of course you’ll should learn it if you are a youth, because it is truly of your use for every day. 

  • Friolento- people generally use this word when they want to show that they are feeling too much sensitive due to the cold. 

  • Tuerto- this word is generally used when you want to see something with one eye.

  • Estadounidense- this is among one of the most common word in Spain, because, people out there use this word so much whenever they see something or someone from the United State.

  • Botellón- this word is used, when a group of people of usually around the age group of 20 to 25 years are drinking liquor, and that too in an open area!

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