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Austex Websites is an Austin, Texas web design company. We build modern websites that will help you meet your web-specific goals. We are located in Austin, Texas. We will guide you through the web design process, and we’ll give you input about your website content.

Austex Websites has extensive knowledge about Internet marketing and sales strategies, but. . . You will ALWAYS have the final say!

Don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy – we speak plain English.

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Karen Stitt  |  31 March, 2017

Years ago, I was approached by some people in publishing who were interested in using my photographs in their educational products. I needed a way to organize and showcase my work online, fairly quickly, so they had a portfolio to review. I had a URL, but not a website. After meeting with Steve at Austex Websites, I knew the platform would be WordPress. We discussed several options for the photo software he'd use to upload and organize all of my photographs and selected one that (when we were through) I would be able to use to update the site myself - if I wanted to change or add photos. (Austex also provides this service, but it was nice to know I could make tweaks myself, if that was needed.) Working with Austex Websites was about as easy as it gets. The result was an user-friendly website, that was far more beautiful than I expected. Steve had found a way to display my work boldly and so my photos really popped! Years later, I wanted to change the site to be more of on an electronic resume that still showed the photography, but also highlighted my other profressional skills. Again, I met with Steve and he helped me select a free Wordpress template that had both the color scheme and elements that I needed to expand the site to accommodate my plan. Steve put the new template on a Stage (practice) site, and refreshed my Wordpress training, so I could input the text, graphics and other content myself, in order to reduce my costs. I love the responsive customer service I get from this company. I frequently recommend Steve Cook and Austex Websites and I will use them again once I decide one the next direction for my website! Karen S. Austin, Texas

Tracy Halling  |  31 March, 2017

This company - this man, this creator - Steve Cook, is awesome. I have referred his work out to many clients and friends as we started working with Austex back in 2008. I am the Operations Manager of an unusual wholesale, western accessory company. Back in 2008, we were ready to take on more business and knew that we had to step into the technology world with a website - AND I WAS SCARED TO DEATH! We create a very large, full color catalog and we had to figure out a way to get that out into the world and save costs on mailing and also save time by getting pictures into our clients hands - FAST. I wasn't sure if the expense to get our then 100 page catalog onto the web would be cost effective. But I was given the job to pursue the inevitable. I made a call to the first "A" (Austex) website that intrigued me and I was immediately attracted to Steve's confidence and expertise in answering questions as I presented our challenge to him. We met in person the next day for about 30 minutes - yes, I said 30 minutes. As I told him we couldn't let retail customers see our pricing, we wanted to just use our catalog pictures, we wanted to be able to reach all of our clients across the globe, we wanted a homepage that was catchy but efficient with knowledge about us - he listened and made great suggestions and told us he could do it! I had written scripts and listed information about us. He quoted us and walked away telling us he'd have a concept in the next couple of days. I came into work the next day to a presentation that was beyond my wildest dreams - he had pictured and understood our vision - straight on. He'd even added some great pieces to embellish our look - WE WERE GOING TO BE A PRESENCE!!! We have been in business since 1984 - We have always been on the upward trend but we are now very well known in our industry and shipping merchandise like crazy as far as Japan. Our customers seem to love our website even though it's not a traditional "click on the item and throw it in a bucket" style of website. Behind the scenes, Steve, and his ease of working with him and his creativity have been a big part of our success. I would highly recommend this company - he took fear out of working with a web designer and built confidence in us to have a presence on the web. Our industry is not your typical industry - he has created ways to make our now 148 page catalog - workable, easy to understand and cost effective. THANK YOU STEVE! I always enjoy working with you! Tracy Halling Austin Accent, Inc.

Bev Reed  |  31 March, 2017

My company has used Austex Websites since 2011 for all of our website needs. They are prompt, accurate and reliable.

Janet Hasty  |  31 March, 2017

I have been using Austex Websites since 2010 and my experience is great. They are very responsive and have great ideas for website design. I would highly recommend them.

Kay McManus  |  31 March, 2017

When it came time to update my business website I began by interviewing web designers. After talking to several designers, I was more confused than when I started. I was also shocked at the prices they were quoting. Thank goodness I found Austex Websites. Steve Cook led me through the Austex Websites web design process and explained my options in plain English. His quote was more than reasonable and I have been delighted with my new website. Having questions about the site occasionally, Steve consistently responds quickly and in a thorough manner. Another factor in my continued satisfaction is the fact that Austex Websites is located in Austin, so meeting in person is a breeze. Austex Website receives my highest satisfaction rating and recommendation!

Russell Hinds  |  31 March, 2017

Steve is top notch. So candid and pleasant to work with. Lucky to have him helping us.