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The company is a perfect and superior Outsourced Marketing Solution which totally believes that marketing’s purpose is to drive sales for your business website. iGo Sales and Marketing was started by Atzire Perez y Rubio, a marketing professional and brand manager for many consumer products and his husband, Paul Stevens, who has 15 years of business to business marketing experience in the industry.

We make many efforts to cater you with services of graphic design, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Copywriting and Website Design that help your leads to turn into sales.

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IGO Sales and Marketing
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Techno Kitchen Refacing  |  31 May, 2017

Paul & Atzire are great people to work with, they are good listener and will give you their honest opinion about your idea no matter what. It has been a pleasure working with them in building the two websites for my two branches of my business. I am using their knowledge to build a fantastic marketing campaign!!!! Thanks for being who you are!!!

Marcel Painchaud  |  31 May, 2017

This is the second time I have used Paul's services to get a website set up, this time for a local candidate in our town running in a by-election. From the concept stage through to completion, Paul's attention to detail and his experience made the process quick and thorough. I recommend Paul without reservation and I expect that you will appreciate his service as much as I have.

Doug Kimmerly  |  31 May, 2017

I've been using iGo for a few hear now and have to say the service and knowledge they have are both exceptional. I have used the services in different businesses and they both understand what we are trying to do and find the best ways to make it happen. The biggest difficulty when using a service like this is being able to trust the people, and knowing that they have your interests at the forefront. This is one of the best things of working with iGo, They don't let you waste money on unproven ideas, instead lead you down the path to the most value for the dollars you are spending. I would highly recommend iGo and the integrity of the people that work for the company.

Jeff Coates  |  31 May, 2017

iGo Sales and Marketing re-designed our website. It turned out great! Not only was it done quickly, but at a reasonable cost as well. Since the new website launched we’ve seen increased business and more traffic. Plus, our phone is ringing every day. I get about 2-4 emails every day and at least 1-2 calls If you’re looking for a website, or online marketing I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend iGo Sales and Marketing.

Tony Alexander  |  31 May, 2017

It gives me great pleasure to endorse Paul Stevens' services. I was in desperate need of resolving e-commerce and website issues earlier this week and fortunately, found Paul. Paul is, in my opinion, the consummate professional; he is very knowledgeable, highly analytical and uses his experience to quickly get to the cause of the problem while explaining it in easy to understand terms. Without doubt, I will be using Paul's services many times in the future. I highly recommend Paul. Tony Alexander, CEO Willow-Glen Holdings Inc. The-Eliminators

Michael Goldman  |  31 May, 2017

The company that I trusted to host my website and maintain it sold to another company but the new company doesn't host and didn't bother to tell me so unbeknown to me, for a month and a half my site was down. When I found out I paniced and called Paul from iGo, the only person I knew who could help me. Paul was amazing. He had me up and running completely within a couple days and now I can sleep again. He was very fair with his pricing as well considering he had me over a barrel. I highly recommend Paul and iGo Sales to anyone who is looking for website maintenance as well as SEO services. Thanks you again Paul!!

Colleen Bryant  |  31 May, 2017

I would highly recommend the services of Paul and his company iGo Sales and Marketing. They are efficient, knowledgeable and they have an excellent response time. I felt very comfortable asking questions which is very important as my technical expertise is not the best. A huge thanks to Paul and his team!

Extreme Locates  |  31 May, 2017

Set us up with website from scratch and had our ad on Google then phone was ringing an hour later, bottom line fast reliable professional and fits our budget A++ job