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About Indazo

Indazo Solutions is a leading internet marketing company. It has been recognized as the best SEO company in India. The company provides professional SEO services in the areas of Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Social Media, Internet Branding, Website development and promotion across various industry verticals.

We are confident of offering not only rankings, but also conversion and sales to our clients. Our team is passionate about providing consistent results an great customer service.


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kripa shankar  |  26 April, 2017

we want to lead services.

Lisa Anne  |  10 February, 2017

Simply terrible!

WiredContact  |  10 February, 2017

Extremely impressed. Not only with Neil and Ajay but with the way they clearly set out at the beginning what they intended to do, the time frames and the approach. The communications are excellent, they are always responsive when emailed and available to chat on the phone. The onboarding was detailed but with hindsight well worth the time it took. After the first month we can see clear returns on the investment and would recommend them without hesitation. We received hundreds of spam emails from agencies who with respect could not string a sentence together in English (I cannot speak any other language so who am I to talk) Indazo are unlike any previous SEO Company we have instructed. It is a considerable advantage they have a UK office, they are not afraid to be tested, and the staff in India do a good job. They did not insist on a 6 month agreement like so many agencies, this gave us the confidence and after using them we are happy to renew. We were not asked to write the review, it just seemed the decent thing to do.