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National Positions is one of the nation’s premier digital marketing agencies which is based in Woodland Hills, California with offices around the world. The agency has been providing a wide range of services and technologies with over 11 years in the business.

We feel proud to say that the agency has helped thousands of companies worldwide to grow and expand their businesses through dynamic digital marketing. Our comprehensive online marketing campaigns as well as the expert programmers and business analysts help you to achieve your desired results and bright outcomes.


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National Positions
Comments (19)

Scott Taylor  |  31 March, 2017

They did a great job!

Ankur Thakur  |  31 March, 2017

3rd class company, they outsource there all jobs to India

Bradley Ross  |  31 March, 2017

Results are what matters - They get results

Ron Carvel  |  31 March, 2017

National Positions has helped companies grow their business for many years!

Jerry Best  |  31 March, 2017

Great service with measurable positive results- I recommend them for growing your business today~~

Jim Cook  |  31 March, 2017

Great company!! Highly recommended to anyone serious about SEO.

Bernard May  |  31 March, 2017

Award Winning Internet Marketing Company with over 12 years experience, National Positions offers End-to-End Internet Marketing Services including SEO, Paid Search, Marketing Automation, Conversion Optimization and Influencer Marketing.

Courtney Pierce  |  31 March, 2017

Great digital marketing company! National Positions is client focused and results driven.

Jordan May  |  31 March, 2017

Great company with an exemplary moral compass and quality results.

Guna Nadar  |  31 March, 2017

Highly Ethical, Highly Recommended If you are looking for a company who evolves and adapt to the latest trends NP is the best choice..

Tatiana Chao  |  31 March, 2017

The digital marketing experts at National Positions have exceptional knowledge of online marketing, paid search for a great ROI, and SEO skills to drive your business to the next level!

Kaitie Sly  |  31 March, 2017

Great company to work for! Lots of fun social events and a good group of people!

Elaine Wilcox  |  31 March, 2017

This is a reputable digital agency that nurtures the relationship with the client and is 100% dedicated to achieving mutual goals. The organization works as a TEAM.

Steph Morgan  |  31 March, 2017

National Position is a company full of smart and knowledgeable employees and is run by people truly excited about Internet Marketing.

Gabi Schwartz  |  31 March, 2017

Everyone at National Positions always goes above and beyond to deliver great results. The staff is helpful and enthusiastic.The fantastic work speaks for itself!

Ted Goodman  |  31 March, 2017

As a member of the PPC team, it has been exciting working with National Positions as we provide clients with white glove service as well as cutting edge marketing strategies and solutions to help efficiently grow our client's business.

Christine Silvestri  |  31 March, 2017

This company has a finger on the digital pulse. They are incredibly good at changing and adapting services to fit new internet environment and to get results on a custom basis.

Ivan P Widjaya  |  31 March, 2017

A pleasure working with the guys at National Positions. Top notch communication, which is crucial in the online space. Would always work with National Positions when the opportunity presents itself.

Kary Stone  |  31 March, 2017

Regardless of your current need in the marketplace, National Positions can help you meet and beat your goals. I highly recommend them for your online marketing needs.