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Rocketfish Ltd. is a top level SEM agency which is ahead of others. It is a full service digital marketing agency which offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), E-marketing and Database development. We are focused on the expansion and the growth to allow delivery of more effective service to our clients. Effective SEM is all about maximizing sales.

Rocketfish Ltd. established in 1999 and its founders have over 40 years of sales and marketing experience. They assembled a team of highly skilled software developers, SEO specialists and SEM consultants to make the Rocketfish Ltd. a leading SEM agency in the UK.

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Comments (13)

A Google User  |  31 May, 2017

Great service - Rocketfish has helped my company by increasing relevant traffic to my website and increasing my brand awareness through the use of Facebook and Twitter.

A Google User  |  31 May, 2017

Great company, very friendly. My business is now ranking high with a high amount of visitors to my site. I would highly recommend Rocketfish.

A Google User  |  31 May, 2017

Rocketfish gave great service at an affordable price. They make online marketing accessible to smaller companies, so the traditional view that this resource is only available to large scale corporations is a thing of the past.

A Google User  |  31 May, 2017

I am a happy customer and an avid supporter of what Rocketfish are doing. Their project tracker is pure genius and makes working with them very user friendly for a technophobe like me. I am telling the world and his dog about Rocketfish’s online marketing services.

A Google User  |  31 May, 2017

Since the beginning of this year Rocketfish have been running our SEO campaign and from the start of the relationship, since their sales rep came to us, we have been very impressed with the service we have been receiving. I would like to especially thank Jon Hudson who I have been working closely with on our web-page restructuring and Social Media. Any questions and requests (there have been many) have been dealt with very promptly and always resulted in us getting to where we want to be. Our web-page has been transformed and we are very happy with the results. We look forward to working with Rocketfish throughout the rest of the year and seeing the rest of the project being completed.

Stephen Tripp  |  31 May, 2017

this is nice busessn my servie

Sally Woodward  |  31 May, 2017

I have been dealing with Rocketfish for just over 6 months now. I am not the smartest computer operator in the world, but in all my dealings with them, I have found them to be endlessly patient and helpful.

Direct2Print  |  31 May, 2017

We have used Rocketfish now for over 2 years and the results have met the objective of first page positioning for all our keywords & key phrases. The communications and account management have been first class!

Stickwithus Limited  |  31 May, 2017

Great business to deal with, they offer good advice and assist you every step of the way! Fantastic!

Gary Howes  |  31 May, 2017

I have worked with these guys for the past 7 months, I'm really pleased with the business I have gained via Rocket Fish and I'm looking to involve them with another business I own. They really are forward thinking people

Luke Schofield  |  31 May, 2017

I used Rocketfish after a friend recommended that they were effective in promoting business with powerful digital marketing techniques. I'm a happy customer and still use them for all my online advertising.

James Houle  |  16 February, 2017

"Happy to help" - only if theres money involved, as soon as you pay - they are in no way interested. Projects aren't finished, no expertise offered.

Steve Redman  |  21 October, 2015

Great service and always happy to go the extra mile to get he results required