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  • 8011 East Saanich Road Saanichton BC

Company Description

Shawn DeWolfe is a Web Developer specializing in WordPress website design and deployments. With over 25 years of web development experience, Shawn has a deep understanding of best practices in design, messaging, and web implementation; and a proven track record of positive business outcomes for his clients. In 2020, the Shawn DeWolfe Consulting (SDC) team expanded. Our experts amplify what we can accomplish. SDC websites are built to be robust, responsive, socially-enabled and user-friendly. They are designed with both form and function in mind. Under the hood, the code is written to adhere to the most current web standards to ensure cross-browser compliance, security and SEO-friendliness. In our digital age, a strong web presence is likely to be the greatest factor in the success of your organization. With Shawn DeWolfe consulting, you can feel confident that this most valuable business asset is in the hands of professionals.

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