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Company Description

Synergita is a cloud-based performance review system that allows organizations to provide continuous feedback and social recognition, set goals and performance appraisal schedules and track skill sets and career growth among employees at all levels. Synergita’s individual employee profiles allow users to track career history and also capturing skill sets, education, and experience. All fields are searchable. Within Synergita’s performance review functionality, users can provide continuous feedback to team members, peers, and managers and even recognize employees through a custom reward system. 360-degree feedback can be implemented through the system so peers, managers, customers, partners and more can chime in on an individual employee’s performance. The appraisal workflow can be customized for the whole organization, or for individual departments and worker levels. Goals can be set and tracked, and several ready-made reports can reveal much greater information about employees. Integration of Synergita with other systems, such as an HRIS or payroll platform allows users to tie pay to performance and reconcile attendance with appraisals.

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