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Techdreamz delivers web designing and internet marketing solutions. The company provides  web solutions to the clients that go beyond their expectations. We also provide training for  your staffs to ensure that they have knowledge to maintain and integrate with your other systems. The company provides ongoing monitoring of the solutions to ensure that quality is maintained the live environment with the real users.

The company provides web designing, web development, software development, corporate training and search engine services. Our business is based on sound business and consumer understanding. We believe that a great idea need to be visualized and communicated.

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HI-TEX Flags  |  14 March, 2017

We hired Techdreamz to build a plugin for our multiple websites. We needed it to work with all nine of our sites separately. My need was simple: to have the ability to place and change the color of a flag template for ordering..much like you do with t-shirts. After well over a year, they finished with a product that had a proprietary shopping cart...that does not work with the websites carts. No SEO importance, and glitches with some of the templates. ALL of which Techdreamz will not fix, now that they are paid in full. The plugin is complicate as well. They built the plugin with the programming and design that they wanted, not how I explained it to them. After it was over a year, I was exasperated and just settled for their design. I didn't realize until after I paid them in full that it didn't work right. Now they do not answer me at all, and have/will not fix the problems. I have even asked for the core files so that I can have them rewritten and fixed in order to work with my websites, but still, they do not answer. All I want is to have my plugin work properly with my websites. It was impossible to tell that it didn't work properly until we paid them in full and placed it in our website. But after I paid them and found out that it didn't work right, it was good bye.