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  • 3900 Essex Lane, Suite 1116, Houston, TX 77027-5111
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For more than twenty years, The Jackson Law Firm (formerly Emmons & Jackson, P.C.), has focused its entire practice on aggressively prosecuting and defending business and commercial litigation cases. By offering our clients the same quality representation expected from larger law firms, without the higher billing rates, The Jackson Law Firm has become one of the premier commercial litigation law firms in Houston. At The Jackson Law Firm, we are extremely proud that most of our new clients are referred to us by past and present clients, other attorneys throughout the country, and even lawyers that we have opposed in other cases. When someone refers a client to The Jackson Law Firm, he or she knows that our team will efficiently and aggressively prepare the case for trial. We know that by being more prepared and aggressive than our opponent, the likelihood of success at trial, or a favorable settlement, increases dramatically. We are trial lawyers, and that is the approach we take in every case.

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