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Universal Positions is a Leading Los Angeles Internet Marketing Company which helps you to establish your company with the countless new customers and results in excess profitable deals. The company not only offers you the services to achieve world class website for your online business but also promotes it using the combination of website optimization and innovative SEO techniques.

We serve our clients with the customized and targeted services that help them to reach their goals in the limited time period. With the assistance of the programmers and analysts, you definitely get more global footprints far beyond your expectations.


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Universal Positions
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Virginia Haque  |  31 March, 2017

I have worked with a couple of other internet marketing companies in the past and had a very low opinion of internet marketing companies. I had no expectations when I hired Universal Positions. I am glad that I decided to work with them. This is a company that actually cares about the people they work with. I would recommend them and I do.

Herbert Cummings  |  31 March, 2017

Great Company! Referred to them by my cousin. They helped me grow my company page likes on facebook organically, redesigned my website, and updated my blog. I had an independent IT guy doing my online stuff before, and honestly he didn't suck. they just do whole lot more. Thats the main reason I changed services.

Ryan Jiles  |  31 March, 2017

Our company has used Universal Positions for over 2 years with great success. They are competent and have exceptional customer service. We have seen our traffic gradually increase since hiring them. Highly recommended!!!!

Stephen Johnson  |  31 March, 2017

UP is great. Friendly staff, made my web page better and got me more visitors. They wrote about my business and posted it on lots of sites, which definitely helped my company's image. Many thanks.