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There are tonnes of things we do for our loved ones. And it goes on, even after they pass away. We care to make decedent’s departure, as comforting as it can be. And to do that we moved to caskets from coffins.

In many religions, people cherish their loved one’s memories by keeping their final remains after the cremation into an urn. The concept of the urn has stayed since a long time. And there are a lot of modifications for it.

Such products are called funeral products and are available at stores near you. You can also plan to get separate customised funeral products, for your pre-need funeral. Start from choosing between Caskets and Coffins. Solving the same purpose, a Casket’s craftsmanship any day beats a Coffin’s craftsmanship.

Heres are few most commonly used funeral products:

  • Funeral urns:- Funeral urns are used to collect and secure, a decedent’s final remains. Ancient Chinese artifacts have been recovered, which resemble a funeral urn. This implies that funeral urns have been a part of our society for a very long time. Nowadays, funeral urns are made of different raw materials. This makes us easy to classify them. 3 basic types of funeral urns are present today: Brass urn; Crystal urn, ceramic urn
  • Funeral Jewellery:- The concept of funeral jewelry started to carry your loved one’s ashes along, all the time. And it started with carrying a small amount of cremation ash inside a pendant. But as the time passed by, jewelry made out of funeral ashes came into the picture. Rings, necklaces, pendants are being made of funeral ashes, as we speak. Then came the diamonds made of funeral ash, which take 10 to 12 months in complete preparation, and is complete diamonds.
  • Caskets and Coffins:- It started out with burying your beloved ones inside the coffins only. And by the time Caskets came, Coffins have become fully customisable. There is a wide amount of choices in Coffins’ themes and colors. You can always pick a traditional/ contemporary coffin and choose interiors too. While caskets came into the picture later. Caskets are generally square in shape and require skilled craftsmanship to build them.