Top 10 Nonprofit Software: Ratings and Reviews

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 Non Profit Software Programs. Donor database software offers you to donate and raise charitable fund to not-for-profit accounting.

Non profits are basically the organizations for which the surplus revenue has to go to the sustainability of the nonprofit. Apart from the revenue that is spent on employees and on owner himself, the surplus revenue comes up with certain restrictions.   If you are engaged with some charities, then the additional revenue goes  there. Nonprofits get funding in a way or other. Tax exemptions are provided on the nonprofits which itself, is a huge profit.

With non profits, you do have many donation options. Some NPO may also be a service or a charity organization. These organizations can be organized as a trust, profit organization or a  cooperative. There are a number of software programs that come under the non-  profit category. Some of them are- accounting software, nonprofit CRM, donor management, volunteer management, online fundraising platforms and association management.

For example, fundraising platforms allows you to create online account, share the cause and set the goal for funds. It sometimes gets you unexpected results. With social networking, fundraising has become even easier.

How does Non profit software helps?

It provides you with some tools to direct all the contacts associated to your organization, such as donors, clients, customers, board members, or volunteers. It offers several tools like:

  • Contact management
  • Payment processing
  • Custom reporting
  • Email Marketing
  • Donation management
  • Event management
  • Time tracking


  • Direct your operations, check their efficiency, and offer transparency to donors
  • Data entry features allow results to be entered can easily be changed, printed or displayed.
  • With the help of automating fundraising, professionals are able to stay in touch with hundreds and thousands of donors in lesser time.


  • Non profit software records inbound as well as outbound interactions which aid the organization to expose charitable trends and patterns.
  • Organizations can synchronize contact lists and can easily aim at particular groups of donors with flawless incorporation of donor management software.
  • Look after the actions and direct donor and view data and interactions.