Top 10 Rum Brands in USA

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 brands of rum in USA. These are the best kind of rum drinks including bacardi, dark rum, easy rum, spiced drink, white rum, coconut, simple, light myer, premium rum and that too at best prices.

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Popular Rum

VirtuousReviews provides you with the list of top Rum Brands in USA. Rum - a distilled alcoholic beverage produced from molasses through a process called fermentation or distillation. Rum enthusiasts around the world owe a great debt to usual plant i.e. Sugarcane. This alcoholic beverage has a famous relation with Royal Navy, whereas, it is also served as a famed medium of economic exchange. Around the world, this beverage has got huge acceptance, the courtesy of its rich history and wide acceptance. With a wide variety of Rum in the world, sometimes it gets too difficult to opt for the best one, and for this issue, we have come up with Virtuous Reviews.

Virtuous Reviews is the one-stop destination for fair, impartial reviews on different business categories, and Drinks are one of them. Established with the goal of providing best quality information to the users, while considering all required aspects, Virtuous Reviews is believed to be a leading source. In the sub-category of Rum, we offer a basic qualitative evaluation with reference to the products or by directly comparing their characteristics. Our professionals work dedicatedly to provide you with an ultimate perspective about different Rum brands so that you make the right choice for your shot. To help you with your conclusion about the best Rum brand, we are available anytime you need. Besides getting reviews, one can also express their thoughts about their beloved malts as we love to hear.

Our concern is to enhance your choices, as we have created a best possible roadmap for finding suitable options in Rum no matter what’s your taste.

How to choose Rum?

Step 1. - Learn what rum isn't Rums differ due to the way of production, ageing, and blending.

Step 2. - Learn what rum is Rum classifications contain white rum, dark rum, golden rum, spiced rum, and blended aged rum.

Step 3. - Learn differences between rums White rums are the main common type of rum and used usually with mixers; golden rums can be sipped; dark rums are normally molasses based, and blended rums are made from a variety of rums of varying vintages.

Step 4. - Learn differences between rum production processes Few white rum is filtered several times in column stills for a smoother flavour; aged rum can get on the flavour of barrels before used for other substances.

Step 5. - Learn how to properly taste rum Tasting starts with smelling the fragrance above the glass edge then smelling below the edge. Then take a little sip and respire in through your mouth as the rum wash over your tongue; consume slowly.


  • Healthy Heart - Rum has shown to be an immense remedy for minor heart disease and keep away from formation of artery blockage in the body
  • Reduces Common cold - Consuming small portion of rum can provide relief to throat. Presence of antibacterial property helps to cure a cold promptly.
  • Lowering diabetes - Rum has medical property and is beneficial in lowering the risk of diabetes as it helps to lower the cholesterol level in the body.


  • It Prolongs Life
  • It Fights Muscle Pain
  • It prevents osteoporosis
  • Rum Reduces Anxiety
  • It can Prevent Cancer