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Are you planning to start a jewellery business? Searching for a gemologist? Consider you have reached the destination! Browse VirtuousReviews to get the online listing of best gemologist in USA. Gemology stands for the study of gemstones and a gemologist is someone who categorizes, identifies, grades the gemstones based on their quality. Gemologist is trained professionals who can identify and segregate the gemstones on various parameters of quality. They are equipped with various software, microscopic tools to evaluate shape, size and colour of each gemstone. Gemologists usually specialize in one to two types of gemstones. They can easily identify if the gemstone is natural, treated, enhanced or damaged.  

There are many places where a gemologist can be utilized such as labs, merchandisers, appraisers, museum specialist, a lapidary artist or even an educator. A trained and proficient gemologist have a profound influence on the popularity of any jewellery brand. It is the sharp analytical eyes of gemologist that provide high quality to customers.

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