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Decoration has just discovered a new inspiration from the ancient world! Quilts, yes, the bedding and cover of the earlier time have the use still but the new uses of it are also mind-boggling and fantasizing. Quilts are now used as a ornamental piece of the cloth for the house, table, window, etc. Hence it is a multi-layered textile and it has generally has three layers of fiber. The top layer is the layer that provides aesthetics to the quilt and the other two layers are for the purpose that is to either serve as a bedding or to use as a cover in the cold weather.

Since, quilts are the art pieces they are also up for the artistic representations and some artists also organize the exhibitions exclusively for the quilts. The art on the cover of the quilt can be used to express agony, ecstasy, sorrow, joy, social and political influence, etc. Everything that is related to the human emotions and everything that has something with people.

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