Top 10 Electricity Billing Portals: Reviews & Ratings

Virtuous Reviews provides you the most excellent Top 10 Electricity Billing Portals from all over the world, and provides a great way for you to deal with your electricity bill payment online. These are one of the best portals which allow you to securely pay your power bill and also you can check your light bill payment online.

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Electricity bills were paid while standing long queues, but after the evolution of online bill payment platforms, it has become a preferable task to do. Now, with just a few clicks people pay their electricity bills, whenever they want. But which online portal serves best? You don’t know? We can give the answer to this question with our eminent business review platform – Virtuous Reviews.

Virtuous Reviews is the one-stop destination where people can speak their mind and read what the opinions of others are, about almost everything available out there. We help our users category-wise, and Electricity serves as a subcategory under Bill. With Virtuous Reviews, we connect with millions of people, so that express their opinions and also read other reviews. Virtuous Reviews comprises various programs for business categories, in order to gain a large collection of reviews that helps in opting for the best option.

Besides posting and reading reviews, Virtuous Reviews lets corporate head honchos and brand managers know about what people are saying about their products and services. All in all, Virtuous Reviews cater the users with effectual insights from experts, ordinary consumers and assorted data about the competitive products available in the market.

How these companies assist in a better way?

  • Availability - These companies ensure to provide 24-hour access to their global customer base. Furthermore, their certified IT team and staff works to provide customers with personalized support in case they encounter any obstacles
  • Online bill payment - These companies ensure the acceptance of electronic payment for online transactions and maintain high-quality security.
  • Trustworthy - These are the relatively well established companies who have high-quality support. Thus, makes sure to provide 100% support to each of its customers. All these companies come with its attractive range of plans for its customers in the world to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
  • No failed transactions - There are very few possibilities that you have to experience failed or any unsuccessful transactions. In the worst situation, even if it happens once in a lifetime then your cash gets deposited immediately in your account.
  • Free coupons and Cashback options Available - One of the essential benefit of using these portals is that it provides free coupons that you can easily redeem. On several occasions, they also provide you with special schemes for its users.


  • Flawless recharge services available - you can pay your electricity bill anytime from everywhere.
  • Secure Billing - Since you receive every single detail of your bill and you only know the detail of your account. Thus, it provides full security to pay for your electricity bill.
  • Available 24 hours - You don't have to go physically at the store to pay the bill, you can pay your electricity bills 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


  • Instant Pay - It provides you the easiest and fastest way to pay your electricity bill from anywhere at anytime.
  • You can check your bills online - Once you have paid all your bills, you can check your previous bills as they are stored on your email id
  • Store your bills electronically - It saves paper cost. All data are stored electronically, you can use them from anywhere at anytime
  • No need to stock paper based recharge Coupons - since you can pay your bills online, no need to carry paper based recharge coupons along with you.