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The dance has its roots from the Kuchipudi village of an Indian state Andhra Pradesh. The dance hails from the Hindu ancient Sanskrit text of Natya Shastra. It is one of the classical dances of India and it became a prominent dance form since its evolution. It, later on, evolved as the dance-drama performance and made an impact after finding its religious links to the traveling singers, temples, and spiritual beliefs. Kuchipudi is based on the Hindu God Krishna and is oriented on the tradition of Vaishnavism.

The costumes of this dance are famous as the dance partially relies on the costumes of the artists. The dance has three forms dharavu, nritta, and nritya. Dharavu is a short dance prelim performed by the artists after their introduction, nritta is the pure dance and nritya is the dance that is about the expressions and body gestures instead of the pure dance. Vocalists and musicians accompany the artists and the language used is Telugu.

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