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Mohiniyattam dance is one the two dances that have their roots from Kerala. The dance is feminine and the name and dance form is captivated on the mythical enchantress character of Mohini who defeats evil by deploying her feminine prowess. The performances used to given by the solo dancers who did not only have to dance but also sing and act in accord of the music. But the modified version of this dance has loosen some of the slack to the dancers, now the dancer can sing or not, it is totally wishful. The dance was banned during the rule of Britishers by them only for some years but later on the protest led to the evoke of the ban and since then it is practiced and promoted by the people of Kerala. This dance holds the historical values for the indigenous people of Kerala.

The dance is the graceful performance of the dancers who are females. The dance is elegant and delicate as the moves are the motion which are adored by the grace and involves the movement of hands and body. The costumes are also intriguing and finely appreciated by the people who love this dance.

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