Top 10 Photographers: Reviews & Ratings

Virtuous Reviews provides you with the rating and reviews of the top 10 photographers in the world. These photographers use the best professional equipment in their photography and ensure expertise in their portfolios.

Photographers are responsible for capturing the moment as they fearlessly carve out various emotions to let their work be incredible. A professional photographer is likely to take photographs to make money, by salary or through the display, sale or use of those photographs.

This force is highly in fashion as everyone owns a DSLR to exhibit their talent. But only a few succeed in making it to the milestones. The work of a photographer is highly wide as they have to ace up their work in any affair. They are not the one who is responsible for a 9 to 5 job, they act according to things.

There are amateur and professional photographers and we expose the best of the photographers in the industry. A professional photographer is one who does their work to make money and on the other hand amateurs does it for sheer pleasure and as a hobby. We at Virtuous Reviews connect you with the best photographers that can deliver some amazing results. As a lot of people are opting for photography on the professional basis, we look for meeting up with your demands.

The vendors included in the listings are judged on the basis of methodologies they adopt to prosper online. Our thorough evaluation process let us bring the unparalleled talent in the limelight. If you ask for professional, we offer the extensive talent that fits into your requirement scale. Our goal is reclined on the fact of bringing up a skilful force that gives wondrous results and scales up our performance. Our journey this far is made possible, with our dedicated team that works for your demand.

Mind these steps while looking for an amazing Photographer!

  • Settle on Style - Ensure that the photographer you are going to hire possess the ability to shoot in the manner you want. You should check if the photographer is well-versed in the style you chose to get the shoot done or not. Photography style includes candid shots or spontaneous pictures, portraiture, fine art etc., decide which one you want and then finalize the brand providing same.
  • Do your Homework - Your homework includes going through the reviews of the photographer’s past client with whom he had worked in back years. Ask his fellow clients about their experience working with him.
  • Set up Interviews - Shortlist few photographers from the many you researched upon and set up interviews with them one on one or via skype calls. Be prepared to talk about your shoot location, your photography style and what you envision for your photos.
  • View Past Albums - Go through the pictures he clicked in the past. Look at his portfolio, if it impresses and  convinces you. Bang it on! He may be one of those photographers you were looking for.
  • Confirm Your Shooter(s) - Many brands have various photographers working with them. Make sure to mention the name of the lead photographer(s) in the contract, from whom you want your shoot to be done.
  • Compare packages - After successful interviews of the potential photographers, now sit with an open mind and compare the packages offered by the photographers also take care of the extra services they are providing in that package. Thereafter, finalise the Photographer!


  • Eye for detail - The big bang photographers makes sure that every detail of your shoot is perfect. From detailed pre-styling to your hair and makeup to your image viewing the session.
  • Provides modern outlook - The professional photographers pride themselves in providing you with beautiful modern imagery. They stay current with all the trends and are constantly updating their skill set.


  • Professional team - All the photographers in a brand are professionally accredited and even makeup artists associated with them have worked in a studio environment for many years.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction - The end goal of the Photography brands and their photographers is to make sure that you leave 100% satisfied with your experience with them.