Best Product Designers in USA

Virtuous Reviews offers you the unbiased reviews and ratings, to provide an insight on Top 10 Product Designers in USA. The designers provide professional services to the manufacturing companies which involves the process of product designing, which includes- prototyping, collaboration and iteration.

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Morrow Design

We approach each project from a human-centered perspective to develop innovative design solutions that support strategic objectives and focus on exceeding the expectations of the customer. We work wit ... Read more

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Luana Ram Design

We create inspiring human-centered product designs because we believe if people have the best products that simply work, they spend less time on the learning curve of understanding it, and have more t ... Read more

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Carter Design Inc

Jim and Reena founded the Carter Design in 1987 with the idea of melding their passions—Product Design and Graphic Design. The business plan was simple. Design and develop outstanding products a ... Read more

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Evocativo Product Design- Boston

We provide top quality service through our team of highly experienced engineers and designers. Our engineers all graduated from accredited U.S. universities – except Richard…he went to so ... Read more

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Formation Design Group

To us, every step of the process is an opportunity to innovate. The formation was formed 20 years ago by a group of experienced industrial and interaction designers with proven track records of creati ... Read more

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Altair Product Design
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Advantage Engineering
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VirtuousReviews brings forth the list of best product designers in your country USA. The Product designer is the one who involves himself in creating a new product from scratch or making some improvements to the existing product.

Product Designing is an important art that gives the entire look to any product. In any product-based industry, the functions of product designers are quite crucial. Product designers not only need to have a core set of skills but some other set of values must be there. If you can mix your creative skills with a logical approach, this is the job that might suit you.

Good key skill in model making and computer-aided design is required to sustain in this field. Product/industrial design courses teach theoretical and practical skills. By combining creativity with the technology they provide a broad knowledge of production methods and materials. As this field is highly progressive, the job pays pretty well. We at Virtuous Reviews undergo a thorough evaluation process and find out the best results meeting your criteria. We believe in creating the best force to uplift your business with a power-packed team.

We are dedicated to serving you with unparalleled results that work in your way and make your journey successful. We help to assist businesses and startups to let them bloom with the services. Our skillful team works for this purpose to offer you great results.

What matters while hiring a Product Designer?


Recognise the designer’s style based on his portfolio and see if it matches your expectations. Designers can adopt different styles, but it’s always better to have a good style matching.


If the product designer’s job requires technical aspects, you have to make sure the designer has the needed skills and experience. The best way to evaluate a product designer’s technical abilities is by asking her a few technical questions as part of the job interview.


Product design projects are always time-sensitive. Product designers should know how to work and deliver in short timetables. The problem is: you do not see the duration of the work in a portfolio. Ask the product designer how long it took him to make the products he presents on the portfolio and what his part was of the work. You can also give him a design task as a test to see how he works, and how fast.


You do not want uncreative product designers working for you. You can evaluate the designer’s creativity by the portfolio, and by simply asking her to show/describe the most innovative products or ideas (or anything else) she did. It’s easy to recognize innovation when you see it.


  • Prototyping - Prototypes are used to simulate possible solutions. Prototypes should be made as quickly and cheaply as possible — this allows you to explore multiple solutions and uncover unforeseen problems before you commit to an expensive bet.
  • Collaboration - Collaboration is about getting feedback, whether firms are showing a prototype to a teammate or beta testing with a real customer. Without feedback, the firms can't make informed decisions about how to proceed.
  • Iteration - Once you as a firm has learned your mistakes and successes, it's time to try again. No one ever gets it right the first time.


  • Gains higher customer retention - Happy customers are more loyal and look around less for alternatives. Thus, the companies or firms which are rewarded by loyalty gains high customer retention.
  • Simplicity and clarity - Because of simple and clear designing of the product, users are able to use products without an instruction manual.
  • Customer satisfaction - best-designed products inspire customers to talk about how awesome the product designing firm is. Also, the consumers are benefitted with cent percent satisfaction after the product is out in the market.