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DJ or band for your party? Sounds like a tough question. Well, for they both come with their different set of perks and drawbacks. A DJ may come with a playlist of millions of songs while a band would only have few hundred songs, at max. But to hear a live band play your favorite music, and their favorite music too is priceless. It naturally gets hard for people to decide.

That is why few DJ Services gives both the DJ and the Band. So you can have both at the same occasion. It is generally preferred to have the band play until the evening, then the DJ takes over. You can have the DJ to play first. No problems there.

Please remember a few things before booking a DJ band service:

  • Take a list of past occasions, where they’ve played. And which occasions are they comfortable playing in. Sometimes, a band won’t be comfortable playing in a wedding.
  • Ask for the artists, whom can interact with the crowd. It makes the whole experience entertaining.
  • Ask for professional DJ Band. Or there are times when an unbearable/ unprofessional DJ Band joins the party.
  • Choose for a DJ Band which is open for taking requests. You may not want to listen to your DJ’s favorite songs, at your party.
  • Check for the equipment. Equipment like microphones, display screens, and dance floors are provided by a DJ Band Service.
  • Ask how many band members are there in the band. So you can prepare the accommodation.