Top Wedding Band DJ Services in USA

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You and your friends may have already gotten ready to make your wedding, a memorable one. Booking a wedding band DJ sounds like a sensible next option.

A wedding band DJ opens up possibilities to have:

  • Dance numbers to bring everyone on the stage
  • Karaoke Singing Along
  • Choreographed dance numbers
  • Traditional Dance Numbers
  • Wedding theme based music

You can also choose standalone Wedding band or a standalone Wedding DJ. Totally your choice. Wedding bands generally charge more than Wedding DJs. Wedding bands play live music which anyday has more significance than DJ tracks. Also, DJ only requires 1 artist to play, but a band may require 3, 4 and more. Another option is to choose a Wedding band for the afternoon and Wedding DJ for the night. To choose both; Wedding band and; a Wedding DJ, becomes more expensive than calling just one.

How to choose the right Wedding band DJ?

  • Take a list of past occasions, where they’ve played. And which occasions are they comfortable playing in. Get reviews from the places they have worked and decide for yourself.
  • Ask for the artists, who interact with the crowd. An artist sometimes may seem uninterested, because of the lack of crowd interaction.
  • Ask for professional DJs. Sometimes, unprofessional DJs can create a mess.
  • Choose a Wedding band DJ who is open for taking requests. You may not want to sing to all of your DJ’s favourite songs, at your party.
  • Check the equipment. Equipment like microphones, display screens, and dance floors are provided by a DJ Band Service. Test each equipment before the party starts.
  • Ask the number of crew members. So you can prepare their accommodation.
  • Check the playlist you are getting for your evening. DJs should have playlists from all the genres