Top 10 Public Preschools in New York

Popular Public Preschools

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Virtuous Reviews provides you the ranking to top Public preschools in the US to find the perfect one which satisfies the curiosity of your little one curiosity, and offer a truly caring and stimulating environment. The best Public preschools listed here ensures a lot of fun for littlies. Our ranking criteria has been defined by careful analysis and most especially, feedback from the current parents.

Looking for the best schools online that feels perfect for your child. Start your search early with Virtuous Reviews to opt the quality-rated Public preschools which offer the fun, safe as well as enriching environment.

Our ranking criteria involved to ensure only the top and highly-rated Public preschools get listed which have successfully achieved the great reputation as well as recognition in the marketplace.

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What is student life like?

Remember, you're choosing the place where—and the people with whom—you'll spend most of the years of your life. You certainly won't be studying all of the time (pretty close, though). Talk to current students and their parents to find out if they're happy.


  • Nearly 40 years of experience in career education
  • Accredited and approved.
  • Numerous accelerated, career-focused program options
  • Financial aid available to those who qualify.
  • Small class sizes and flexible class schedules
  • Career Services staff focused on finding students the right career opportunities


  • Academic and support services to help students succeed throughout their education and in their future careers.
  • Career development, student handbooks, library services, curriculum catalogs, wellness services, financial aid, registrar and more.
  • Programs are designed to cultivate respect, integrity and a climate of inclusiveness