Top 10 Printer Brands in USA

Virtuous Reviews provide you the list of top 10 printer Brands in USA so that you face no problem while buying a printer for your domestic or official use. Our deep study on the best printer brands will serve as a perfect guide for you. So, if you are looking for the best laser printer, inkjet printer, best photo printer, wireless printer or any other kind of printer then Virtuous Reviews will give you the best options to choose from.

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Popular Printers

VirtuousReviews provides you with the list of top Printer brands in USA. A printing machine has been the voice of newspapers, your daily reports, your next book to be published and what not. Printers have evolved since the technology is evolving. From the era of laser printers to 3D printers they have always been an integral source of documentation. Any hard copy of any document you just need to click and the sheet is in your hand.

Your printer should comprise of relevant dots per inch, engine speed, internal memory, monthly duty cycle and a USB connection. Now you might be in a dilemma that where will you find all the specifications. So here we are Virtuous Reviews to pull out your confusion and offering you the best brands.

Whether it is a coloured printer or black white the pixel quality should be up to the mark so that the written material or drawing is finely visible and easy to understand. It might be possible that you buy a printer without much investigation and then land up nowhere. So take out some time and go through the catalogue of some of the prominent brands which Virtuous Reviews after its thorough and repetitive research has brought for you and let your printed copy be the most illustrative one.

How to choose a good printer?

Buying a printer can be very confusing because there are a lot of options available in the market. However, to decide what is best for us completely depends on our needs and requirements. These factors might help you in deciding the kind of printer you should go for-

  • First, make sure whether the printer you are going to purchase supports the operating system of your device or not. (For example- Lexmark printers do not support Linux).
  • Choose whether you want a black and white printer or a colored printer, do you need a scanner too? So, be clear on these requirements, it will make your decision easy.
  • Decide the budget you want to spend on buying a printer.
  • If you only want your printer to be used occasionally then go for a low-end inkjet printer or laser printer.
  • If you are required to give presentations every day, then you need to buy a high quality photo printer.


  • Best Quality Printers - The brands ranked and reviewed by Virtuous Reviews offers the best quality printers at best prices.
  • Best Deals Available - The listed brands will also offer you best deals and discounts so that you do not have to spend much while buying a printer.
  • Top reviews - We have reviewed the top printer brands so that as a buyer you do not have to face any kind of confusion while looking for a printer.


  • The printers available are very cost effective, apart from delivering good performance they are also economical for the buyers.
  • The printers available are highly durable and long lasting.
  • The wireless printers can be moved from one place to another quite easily according to our requirements.
  • These printers apart from providing fast printing solutions also provide multi-functionalities like Wi-Fi, scanning, copying and fax etc.