Top 10 Audio Book Services in USA

Looking for the best audiobook services in USA? Here is a list of top 10 audiobook providers to provide you a rich experience of audio learning online. These are the best performing services that are good for today's generation in understanding the concepts properly.

Popular Audio Book Services

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When it comes to learning through books, we all say yes books are our best friends, but sometimes it is tiresome and we lose interested in reading isn't? How about audio books? They really help as they make things interesting for you and also help you learn difficult things in a simpler way. In other words, they help you engage in learning and you can listen while doing other things too. There are some boring things that you do in your day to day life like cleaning utensils, folding laundry or any other household task, you can try doing these tasks while listening to an audiobook and see how interesting it would be doing the same things.

Looking at the benefits of audiobooks, many libraries and schools have subscribed to different audiobook services in USA that provide audio books for children of all age groups. The audiobook services also provide books for special children suffering from dyslexia, blind students, physically handicapped children and children suffering from different reading and comprehension problems.

Our analysts at Virtuous Reviews, try to fetch out some of the best Audiobook services and positions them in preference order with best one at the top. Audiobook services also provide books to help your child read and understand the concepts better. As we all know children tend to miss words and understand the concept and to make them engage in books is difficult. Audiobooks can help them make their studies interesting and increase their knowledge about the subject in a better way. Audiobook services help people to get benefited with a new way to learning things.

How to choose the best audio bookseller?

  • Check the ratings and read testimonials, reviews to know about the service providers.
  • Check the range of collection of bestsellers, classic, award-winners and more.
  • Compare the quality of audiobooks with other service providers.
  • Compare the price of downloads and other plans and offers with other services.


  • Have a great selection of bestsellers, classic, award-winners and more.
  • Curated a Catalog of over 40,000 of the best audiobooks, podcasts, free downloads, and videos you can learn from.
  • Delivers the highest-quality audiobooks


  • You can enjoy your reading experience anytime anywhere.You can listen on your commute, on vacation, or just at home while you're doing other things
  • Prices are low.
  • Fast, friendly customer service.