Top 10 EBook Services in USA

Here is a list of top 10 EBook services in USA. With Virtuous Reviews, you can discover the best ebook publishing and conversion services that help authors and publishers to convert their book into a well designed and readable eBook.

Popular Ebook services

Today, if you have a book just available to you in print, then remember you would be able to reach only 50% of the audience. In order to increase the sales, you need to understand the format in which the potential readers would prefer. EBooks are gaining popularity these days and you can easily reach the audience by publishing an eBook. There are many formats used to publish your eBook and many eBook services in USA often help you with transforming the pages of your eBook in pdf or ePUB format. These two formats are widely used these days.

If you want, you can also convert your eBook into KF8 format or format that is compatible with Apple. You can also ask the eBook service to help you embed video, music or design some fixed layouts or any other changes to the eBook that can gain popularity for your eBook. You publish your eBook with the help of eBook services as they know their job well. They include tagging online search facilities; target the best facilities to make your eBook reach the best audience.

We at Virtuous Reviews, strive to bring the list of some of the best EBook services in limelight. In this era of digital connectivity, eBooks serve best for not much of a reader kind of personalities. Well, the innovation is more of a boon for voracious readers.

The advantages of going with eBook services in USA are many. You can easily make your eBook reach the right audience and gain popularity for the eBook. Your content is what you had invested in and showcasing it the right way is important. E-Book services are the only platform that can present your eBook in the right format to the right audience. Let your eBook conquer the online world.

How to choose the best Ebook services?

Here are some questions you need to ask or request for information-

  • Which ebook file formats do they convert to?
  • Acceptable file formats to convert from.
  • Which type of file is best to convert from?
  • Turnaround time for standard book conversion.
  • Basic pricing information.
  • Are there discounts for multiple file formats or multiple books converted at the same time?
  • Estimate of the cost to convert a sample book.


  • EBook publishing package includes everything you need to publish, promote, and sell your book worldwide.
  • Professionally convert your eBook and deliver a high-quality product to your readers, including a final format proof for your review.
  • Create a professional, eye-catching cover for your eBook to help you stand out from the rest.
  • Customer service team with excellent communication skill to facilitate the complete understanding of your requirement.


  • Convert all your graphic images including photographs, artwork, illustrations, graphs, tables, and charts.
  • Offer 48 hours express turnaround if you need files converted urgently.
  • Cost-effective service provided that increases your profit margin.
  • Highly skilled in the advanced technical know-how, covering all areas of the trade.
  • Authenticity and value of data guaranteed.