Top 10 Doctors: Ratings and Reviews

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Doctors are always considered as God on earth since they replenish human life. But discovering the correct doctor for you and your family is a talent in itself. A lot of people are not certain about how to search for a doctor. Initially, doctors were found by discussing with friends and relatives. Due to the advent of the internet, finding a doctor is now very easy. Virtuous Reviews displays a much sorted and properly examined list of doctors that you can pick and choose from. Now, you don’t have to waste time travelling to the clinic or hospital for doctor. You can choose a medical practitioner very conveniently who is situated near your location. Also, you don’t have to go in person anymore to take appointments. You can simply contact them through their contact information and book your appointment.

Some people prefer doctors with vast experience and specific specialisations.  You can be assured about the experience as well as expertise of the doctors with Virtuous Reviews as we believe in providing and recommending only the best. A good doctor will listen to your concerns with his fullest attention. Hence, it is important to look for a doctor who will respond in all situations.

We believe in providing only the best services for you and your family. We have comprehensive lists of the finest doctors and will work to put you in contact with a doctor that is an expert and sincerely cares about your health. While we sort it out to find best medical practitioners in your locality, it is still significant to make certain that the doctor is the correct person to grip you and your family. Positive, gentle, and sincere doctors will make your experience with healthcare more satisfying!

How should be the Doctor-patient relationship?

A patient should have confidence in the capability of their doctor and be required to feel that they can speak in confidence with him or her. The enhanced the relationship in terms of shared respect, knowledge, trust, values and viewpoint about disease and life, and time available, the better will be the quality of information about the disease of the patient transferred in both directions, Improving accuracy of diagnosis and enhancing the patient's information about the disease. The doctor–patient relationship appears to have statistically important impact on healthcare outcomes.


  • Professionalism - It is of the most important aspect that you behave professionally. And maintaining the doctor/patient confidentiality is extremely important
  • Attentiveness - Doctors will ask a few more questions than they want to and expend longer with their patients.
  • Empathetic - Doctors must try to understand what patient is feeling and experiencing, and should communicates with his patient.


  • Access to the Doctors Anytime - These doctors offer immediate and round-the-clock access. They often give their personal phone number and email, answering patient questions even after hours.
  • Cost-Effective Convenience - Many doctors orders unnecessary tests and actions that may or may not benefit you. These doctors understand your medical history and know your health, and prescribe only the necessary treatments.
  • Comprehensive and Coordinated Care - These doctors offer a more comprehensive and coordinated care, takes time to recognize not only the current issues, but also how they might cure the overall health and wellness.