Top 10 Surgeons: Ratings and Reviews

Virtual Reviews provides you with the list of top 10 surgeons all around the world. These orthopedic doctors provides various medical surgeries including cosmetic surgery, eye-plastic surgery, dental/oral surgery etc. These are the best certified pediatrician surgeon provides services at affordable costs.

Surgeons are the specialist of medical treatments that involves cutting of the body. They may be physicians, podiatrists, dentists, or veterinarians.

Even relatively straightforward surgeries can sometimes cause serious complications, so you always want to be in good surgical hands. Surgeons who justify the faith of patients must be educated and informed to make the correct decisions. A surgeon should also possess the emotional and psychological ability to handle the patients and probable predicaments. But how will you make sure that your surgeon have all these qualities.

It is a general myth that surgeon who have performed more surgeries are more skilled than those who have perform a fewer operations. But quantity isn't the only or even most important measure of quality. While many surgeons have started performing the operation, not all are qualified. Though in the end surgeons aims to set things right, they start by cutting people open, which at all times contain a component of risk.

Virtuous Reviews is a patient-centred review service which ensures that the transitions of care are synchronized, well-organized, humble, and also take into consideration the patient’s personal preferences and values. We have critically scrutinize the experience, qualifications, success and complication rates of various operation carried out by these surgeons. And concluded with the suggestion of the best names in the medical world who are safe to go under knife with. We believe that a patient demands to be treated as more than a 'patient' and desires a counsellor, a healer, and a friend all in one. A good surgeon knows accurately what is expected from him. He will place his patients ahead, diagnose wisely, operate bravely, and put his instruments down kindly.

How should be the Surgeon-patient relationship?

A patient should have confidence in the capability of their surgeon and be required to feel that they can speak in confidence with him or her. The enhanced the relationship in terms of shared respect, knowledge, trust, values and viewpoint about disease and life, and time available, the better will be the quality of information about the disease of the patient transferred in both directions, Improving accuracy of diagnosis and enhancing the patient's information about the disease. The surgeon–patient relationship appears to have statistically important impact on healthcare outcomes.


  • Professionalism - It is of the most important aspect that you behave professionally. And maintaining the doctor/patient confidentiality is extremely important
  • Attentiveness - Physicians ask a few questions than they want to and expend longer with their patients.
  • Empathetic - They must try to understand what patient is feeling and experiencing, and should communicates with his patient.


  • Anytime Accessibility - These surgeons offer immediate and round-the-clock access. They often give their personal phone number and email, answering patient questions even after hours.
  • Cost-Effective Convenience - Many surgeons orders unnecessary tests and actions that may or may not benefit you. But these surgeons understand your medical history and know your health, and prescribe only the necessary treatments.
  • Comprehensive and Coordinated Care - They offer a more comprehensive and coordinated care, takes time to recognize not only the current issues, but also how they might cure the overall health and wellness.