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Old age is the time when a person needs the maximum care and guidance. People who become old or suffer from chronic diseases find it difficult to lead life on their own. In this situation having a financial relief in term of the medical expenses and a professional caregiver can make them live their rest of the life in peace. Taking a long-term care insurance can protect your old age. However, getting an insurance policy cannot be the only benefit. The ultimate benefit is getting a claim against your insurance policy in your old age in the fastest and easiest way.Usually, long-term care insurance claim is made years after the insurance started hence, a proper details of the policy should be made handy before filing any claim.

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How To Make Long-Term Care Claims?

  • Reviews the policy:- when you think, it is the right time to claim the policy, make sure to instantly contact your insurance agent. It is better to know the details of the policy before applying claim, to know what all are included. Here are the features to look for:
    • Benefits triggers:- a condition that facilitates the benefit of long-term care insurance varies from one policy to another. In general, the benefit is obtained when there is cognitive impairment, functional difficulty or problem in varying daily course of life.
    • Eliminated period:- Elimination period is the time frame that one has to wait to let the policy begin. This means that initial expenses on medical reliefs will have to be paid from the pocket as the eliminated period begins right after trigger period.
    • Care provider:- make sure to understand which kind of care provider service is available in your policy coverage. Some may have nursing home and some may have both nursing homes and in-home care.
  • Contact your insurer:- Once you get the details about trigger period and caregiver, you can go on contacting your insurance company. In case the elimination period is not over, yet the process of claim can be started. Insurance company guides you with relevant information and documents such as physician certificate etc for the process of the claim.
  • Submit the information needed:- the insurance company needs valid information from three sources-policyholder, physician, and caregiver for the claim settlement process. As a policyholder, it is important to get hold of your insurance and policy application which is usually attached to the policy. The physician is supposed to validate the medical condition of the policyholder and the caregiver will have to give the record of service in terms of care provided. These document would help the insurance company to analyze your situation for getting the insurance benefit.
  • Get assessed by the company:- After getting the claim request, the company ensures that the document is original and the policyholder is genuinely eligible for the benefit.

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