Top 10 Critical Insurance Providers in USA

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Top 10 critical insurance providers in USA. General health insurance does not cover the critical illnesses and operations. For such occurrences, we have a separate specific insurance by the same name- critical insurance. In such insurance when the policyholder is diagnosed with a critical illness, a lump-sum amount is paid to him. If you are jumbled looking for such a service; virtuous reviews have come to your rescue.

Critical illness includes a serious health-related condition which affects the way of living adversely and may result in an inability to work. The irony of insurance is when we buy it; we wish that we may never use it. But it is always better prepared than to be sorry. Surviving a critical illness takes a toll on health as well as finance. While health recovery has been made possible with the help of evolving health facilities, but odds in the favor of coming through financial crises is not that fair. Having a critical insurance ensures you have a work to go back to, a home to live in and bank account to support your children’s education.

While you were deciding that you need critical insurance, we have put together all top notch critical insurance providers who can help you to pass the life exam with flying colors. They are ranked on the basis of facilities they provide, user feedback and popularity on a global platform.

How can these companies work for you?

You can make a critical illness insurance policy directly from any of these insurance providers. You perhaps won't be able to get this insurance online since you need to be charged by them for your suitability. However, these Insurance providers allow you to easily apply for a quote online or search for the details with whom you can speak to. Moreover, these providers will let you know that exactly which type of illnesses are covered by your policy and exactly how strictly ill you must be before you could get a claim.


  • Provides fixed amount of profit, as well as treatment against Critical Illness, Surgeries, and Hospitalization
  • You can modify your health plan according to your requirement and need
  • Hospital Cash Benefit in case of hospitalization
  • Simplify issuance procedure, no necessity to undergo any medical.


  • These providers ensure the benefit amount is to be paid once the disease is identified meeting precise criteria
  • They make sure that the insured get the amount as a lump sum so that he can plan the treatment accordingly.
  • Operating cost like donor expenses in case of a transplant surgery, which is generally not covered by a normal insurance policy, can be paid out with this insurance in USA.