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Permanent Life Insurance- The Safety Assurance For Your Family!

A permanent life insurance policy provides a wide spectrum of services. It is an umbrella term for life insurance plan that does not expire and combines death benefits with a savings portions. This saving portion can help in building a cash value against which any policyholder can borrow funds. Permanent life insurances are great financial savings opportunity as it helps to accumulate cash on a tax-deferred basis. This kind of policy is absolutely favorable keeping in mind the long-term goals. There are two main types of permanent life insurance exists- whole and universal life insurance. The basic advantage of permanent life insurance lies in the feature of cash value. This policy is sometimes called as cash value insurance because this policy can build cash value over time as well as give death benefit to the beneficiary. If you are looking forward to securing the future of your family and your children then consider getting a permanent life insurance policy. VirtuousReviews brings to you the online listing of best permanent life insurance services in USA. Get the best insurance that can save the life of your family after you are gone.

What Does Permanent Life Insurance Cover?

  • The policy provides coverage throughout the entire life
  • It can be availed between 18-85
  • A proper medical examination is needed for the coverage
  • The policy helps in building cash value

What Are The Types Of Permanent Life Insurance Available?

  • Whole life insurance:- Whole life insurance gives you level premium, strong guarantees, and valuable protection. It helps to build cash value which can be later accessed in the form of a loan.
  • Universal life insurances:- Universal life insurances gives lifelong protection, cash value, and flexibility. It allows you to change the premium payment and the amount of cash with changing needs of your life.

What Is The Cost Of Permanent Life Insurance?

The cost of permanent life insurance depends on several factors, such as:

  • Age:- The younger you are, the more is the affordability of the insurance policy.
  • Gender:- The insurance is a lot cheaper for females than male as statistically, women live longer than men.
  • Health:- The better is the condition of your health, the more is the insurance affordable to you.
  • Medical history:- somebody having chronic disease will tend to have higher insurance premium and vice versa
  • Size of the policy:- Your premium rate has the direct link with the size of the policy. Greater coverage means a higher premium.

What is the benefit of permanent life insurance?

  • Lifelong protection:- permanent life insurances continue till the lifetime until the premium is paid.
  • Cash value:- This policy helps in accumulating cash over the years which can further be withdrawn or taken for a loan.
  • Tax exemption:- The amount accumulated as cash value or the amount withdrawn are tax exempted.
  • Policy option:- You can opt for various policy type under permanent life insurance.

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