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Keep The Soul Of Wanderlust Protected With Travel Insurance!

Do you have the heart of a wanderlust? Seeing new places, exotic locations, challenging trips, adventures etc are part of the life of a wanderlust soul. While you head on to such an amazing trip, you would not want to strike down by any problem. To keep you vitally away from all the miseries and pain while you travel, taking a travel insurance is just the right thing. Travel insurance is a policy that provides complete protection of policyholder from incidence like flight cancellation, trip cancellation, baggage misplace, loss of passport etc. Generally, travel insurance is requested to be taken at the beginning of the journey during the time of booking or the trip gets overall capture.

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What Are The Type Of Travel Insurances Available?

There are many types of travel insurances which are available. One can choose the one that fits with their needs of travelling.

  • Domestic travel insurance:- Domestic travel insurance is meant for people travelling within the country. It covers medical emergency, permanent disability or death, lost baggage, travel delay and personal liabilities.
  • International travel insurance:- This insurance is available for people travelling away from the country. This policy provides coverage in a medical emergency, hijack, baggage, travel delay, evaluation from a country and loss of document.
  • Student travel insurance:- Student travel insurance is for students traveling abroad for higher education. This policy cover students going for higher education. It covers passport, health, travel delay etc.
  • Senior citizen travel insurance:- This insurance is for people between 61-70. It is travel medical health policy meant for senior citizens to make their travel tension free. This plan cover hospitalization and other benefits.
  • Family travel income:- This policy ensures the complete safety of the family. They cover hospitalization, baggage loss etc

What Is The Benefit Of Travel Insurance?

  • Medical care and transport facility:- If you fall sick on your trip, they will provide you with the best medical assistance and to and fro transport service from the location as well.
  • Cancellation or trip curtailment:- the insurance policy will cover your expense in case you need to cut short your trip due to some sudden emergency.
  • Personal liability:- The insurance provides complete coverage from any situation that may arise due to any damage was done on somebody’s private property.
  • Passport lost:- The insurance company ensures to get the passport as early as possible.

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