Top online Muslim Funeral Services in USA

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Find Muslim funeral homes and services, with VirtuousReviews’ catalog of top-rated Muslim funeral services, available in USA. Funeral Homes that follow specific Islamic funeral rites. Starting from

  • shrouding/ bathing the decedent;
  • then praying for peace (Salah);
  • and finally burying the decedent’s body (sharia)
  • In that order.

Types of Muslim funeral services:

Muslim Funeral Services provides 2 options in booking a service, choose accordingly;

  • Pre-need Funeral Services: Pre-need funeral services refer to booking the funeral services prior to their requirement. It is generally you who book pre-need funeral services for yourself. You do it to spare your family & friends from the hassle they’d go through otherwise.
  • At-need Funeral Services: At-need funeral services refer to booking the funeral services at the instant it’s required. There are times when you could not book funeral services while still alive. In those cases, your family & friends hire funeral services for your funeral. As the name suggests, the booking is done after you’re dead, At-need funeral services can be a little unsatisfying for your friends & family.

Why is pre-planning important?

It is generally advised to have your funeral booked before it happens. Practicing which is called Pre-need funeral preparations. A widely accepted concept because:

  • Pre-planning your funeral saves your family from doing the mind work.
  • Planning your funeral will strike your family as a monetary complication, at the time of death. While you can make financial arrangements easily.
  • Only you can plan to create an environment at your funeral. With a lot of option in services, you can make your family involved in a meaningful funeral.
  • If you die with your final words still unsaid, you can have them expressed at the time of your death